Water Births: Using a Birthing Pool During Labour

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Many women are opting for water births lately, but what are the facts?

Water Birth

Water is a very common method of relaxation and pain relief. Some women may decide to use a birthing pool during labour to help ease the pain of contractions. It is however possible to not only use a birthing pool to ease pain, but also to give birth in.

Babies are encased in a water sac whilst inside the womb. Because of this babies are naturally able to survive under water whilst still breathing through the umbilical cord. Giving birth in water provides a gentle environment for the new baby to come into the world, and is an easy transition for them. It is important that when the baby is crowning it’s head is kept underwater until the rest of the head and body has been born. This will ensure the baby is calm and less likely to panic. The baby should then be brought out of the water head first keeping the body under water to keep him/her warm. This can be done by the mother herself or by a midwife or partner.

Hospital or Home?

Along with the decision to use a water birth comes the decision of a hospital or home birth. Nowadays many hospitals are equipped with at least one birthing pool, however one pool between all the women going into labour may mean it is unlikely to be available. If you are keen to have a water birth or use a pool for pain relief during labour you should speak to your midwife to find out about facilities in your area.

Some women may decide that they would rather give birth in the comfort of their own home, but would still like to use a birthing pool. Many hospitals have pool rental systems in place which allow you to rent a birthing pool. The other alternative is to buy a birthing pool. You can buy a decent birthing pool with accessories for about a hundred pounds.

A few websites that sell birthing pools:
Made in Water
Birth Pool in a Box

Your Birthing Pool

Birthing pools can be bought in different sizes depending on height. It can be useful to get a larger size if you plan to move around a lot, or you would like your partner to join you.

If you plan to have a water birth at home it is important to be aware of how long it will take to inflate the pool and fill it up. Most pools can take between 40 minutes and two hours. It is useful to know how long yours will take. Temperature is also important. It is recommended that the perfect temperature to give birth is 37.5 degrees. You can pick up a bath/water thermometer relatively cheap and is something that will come in useful for testing the baby’s bath later on.

Is it for Me?

Whether you have decided to give birth in a pool or use it as a relaxant it may come in useful to speak to your midwife of GP about your decisions, as in some cases you may not be able to use a birthing pool. The majority of women who are deemed low or medium risk should be able to have a water birth without any problems.

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