Was Jesus a Feminist?

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This article is about whether Jesus was a feminist, which is a question many people would ask. This article will explain my idea of whether this is true.

Was Jesus a Feminist

Throughout all of time, people have wondered whether Jesus Christ was a feminist because he showed favor to the women in the bible. My answer is No. Jesus was not a feminist, instead he was a man who loved his people, all of them. He spoke of his love and he treated everyone equal, even the women.

There are many instances when Jesus helps women, when he decides to help the women of the Bible. The fact that he helps them at all, may make people think he was a feminist, however he also helps men as well. Therefore his reasons for helping women may be that he just loves them, the same as he loves the men that he helps as well.

In the Bible, the helping of women may have been with the disease that caused the woman to continuously issue blood, the woman touched Jesus and her faith in him cause this disease to be cured. In another place in the Bible, Jesus was told by a woman, that her daughter was being attacked by a demon. In fact, that demon was living within her daughter. Jesus told her to have faith and her daughter would be cured of that demonic force. In yet another area throughout the Bible was the woman who had three husbands and her faith in Jesus kept her from being stoned by her relations. These stories are about Jesus love for these women not about being a feminist.

Through the information found in the bible, it is a belief that Jesus was and still is a feminist, by some female scholars. However, the fact remains, that if these people were men he would have done the same thing and if these people were children he would have also done the same thing. Jesus is the Christ and his love for his people is phenomenal, he believed that women, like men were his children and that these women needed him just as the men who loved him would come to him. Now if you are saying that Jesus was a feminist because he cared about women issues then maybe he is or isn't, but for this writer, he will always be just Jesus who would have done these things for a man, just as he did them for the woman.


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author avatar A K Rao
15th Aug 2012 (#)

That is an interesting take and it is quite convincing also that he was not a feminist but tried to help all the sufferers including the females in the service of the God! Thanks !

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author avatar Katherine Johnson
15th Aug 2012 (#)

Thank you for leaving this comment.

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