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This is NOT AN ACTUAL AD but what if looking for a boyfriend is easy as posting an ad at a newspaper or bulletin board, then here is my ad should read and look like.


I’m maybe rough in the edges but deep down inside me I’m a good person. I may not be the coolest girl in the block or the sexiest but I’m never be mistaken for a skinny dumb pole either. I can’t blame the male species of my kind if they prefer someone who is submissive, graceful, soft- spoken and perfect than like me for honestly speaking I’m not even close to the above qualification. Someone says it requires some skill to catch a boyfriend but apparently I don’t have that skill, besides why would I want someone who nibbled on my bait. I want someone who has enough brain and heart to bait me and if he catches me I’ll be his forever. For you see I’m such a feisty fish.

This brings me to the subject of this importance; I am looking for a boyfriend. Don’t ask me why and since I don’t have the skill to catch one, I want you to find me one. My friends tried but I always manage to see the trap and hook before it closes into me; after many tries they give up in defeat, so I am asking assistance from you. They say there are many fish in the ocean but why did they not consider that there are only few fishermen for until now I’m still in the ocean and no one caught me yet. I’ve been caught once but after he caught another fish, he threw me back into the ocean. So here I am swimming all alone. In case a fisherman out there wants to catch a big whale like me who is endangered and more than willing to nibble on your bait here’s a list of my criteria.

Someone who has a mind of his own

I want someone who has a mind of his own and is able to decide and stand by them. There’s nothing more irritating than someone who makes you the sole decision maker of your entire relationship, for instance you ask him what he wants for dinner, what show will you watch or what color of shirt does he wants and his only answer is, “It’s up to you dear.” For crying out loud, I want a boyfriend not a door mat.

Someone who is not afraid to talk about his feelings, dreams, fears and hopes

I want someone who is not afraid to talk about his feelings, dreams, fears and hopes. Silence is golden as they say but I want a man when ask a question, he must have an honest answer and an opinion. He must also tell me directly what he wants to say because I’m not a psychic and I cannot interpret silence for a yes, no, maybe or I don’t give a damn about it. The more the man is silent, the more I will nag him until he will finally answer me. For me if you are silent, there must be something wrong and I want to know what it is.

Someone who can listen to me attentively

I want someone who can listen to me attentively and know what I am talking about. I appreciate someone who can tolerate listening to me and interfere gently when he sees I’m talking too much. Someone who listens and not just sits there like a lump of coal. Someone who understand what I am saying and not just nod his head in bewilderment.

Someone who is proud of me

I want someone who is proud of me, he should not feel inferior about my accomplishments and someone who can hold my hand and declare to the world “hey, world this is the one I love”. Even if I didn’t take a bath or comb my hair he still sees me as beautiful as the day he met me.

Someone who is unattached

I want someone who is unattached for I don’t want to impose on another woman’s territory and don’t want to be labeled a bitch either. He should end all of his previous relationships amicably because I don’t want any extra baggage that would drag him down when we are together.

Someone who can look beyond my physical attributes

I want someone who can look beyond my physical attributes for I can also look beyond his physical deformities as long as he is not breathing fire , doesn’t do drugs, not a psych patient and don’t have a criminal record.

Someone who smell fresh and clean

I want someone who smells nice, someone who smell fresh and clean. Someone who takes a bath, not someone who douses himself with cologne or perfume. I want someone who has a good personal hygiene.

Someone who is sweet and romantic in nature

I want someone who is sweet and romantic in nature. Someone who would still brings me small gifts and smiles when I enter the room. Someone who finds a way to communicate with me every day and shows that I’m special even if the courtship stage is over. Who still winks at me and makes me feel special about myself.

Someone who is faithful and loyal

I want someone who is faithful and loyal. He must have both qualities because you can be loyal but not faithful or faithful but not loyal. What I hate the most are men who are unfaithful and not loyal to their wives or girlfriends.

Someone who is mature

I want someone who is mature but he must not impose his maturity on me. He can be mature for both of us but he must remember I don’t want a father figure but someone who can understand that sometimes I’m immature. Someone who can be my equal partner and someone who will stand by me even if the ship is going down.

Someone who has a stronger constitution

I want someone who has a stronger constitution, someone who doesn’t easily give up even if I’m rampaging with anger and frustration. Someone who will not walk away from me. Someone who knows my on and off buttons and know how to use it to his advantage. Someone who is patient and don’t easily gets angry.

Someone who has the same faith and belief as me

I want someone who has the same faith and belief as me. I believed that Jesus Christ died for my sins and accepted Him as my personal Lord and Savior, and I want someone who shares my faith. We can have different culture, race, and tradition but if we have the same God and Lord I believed that we can live harmoniously.

Someone who loves me and treat me as a queen

Lastly I want someone who loves me and treat me as a queen for he himself is a king. Someone who would not change who I am but someone who would inspire me to change for myself not because of him. Someone who would grow old with me and someone who have time to spend with me.


Now interested parties must e-mail me a letter explaining why I should nibble on his bait. Phone calls are prohibited and stalker are not tolerated either. Applicants should not forget to include their name, age, picture and location. I’ll contact you as soon as possible.


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author avatar tootsieharveystories
19th Mar 2011 (#)

Loved the way you wrote this article.

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author avatar Isabel Tandoyog
20th Mar 2011 (#)


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author avatar Jerry Walch
20th Mar 2011 (#)

You certainly delineated the important things that a girl should be looking for in a guy.

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author avatar Denise O
20th Mar 2011 (#)

I don't see a thing wrong with your list, this is what all woman should strive for. I got mine but hon, I had to kiss one too many frogs before I got my prince. Good luck and thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar Artur Victoria
20th Mar 2011 (#)

Hi Isabel.
A very challenging list !

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author avatar chalam
21st Mar 2011 (#)

Why does the search for 'Mr.Right' go wrong for many women?

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author avatar foxpete88
31st Mar 2011 (#)

thanks 4 sharing.-

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author avatar Gracie
11th Apr 2012 (#)

Hi! 2012 is here already. any good news? does your effort doing it online helps you to find your Mr. Right Guy? cause you see I have the same dilemna...hopefully both of us could find the one....
Good luck girl!

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