Vulnerable Relationships

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Vulnerable relationships can make you feel less confident


The truth about why majority of men cheat

Do you know what is the number one reason for most men cheating?

Most of men cheat but it is not mainly about sex.
An emotional disconnection in feeling under-appreciated
Majority of men are emotional beings, they may not look or seem that way and off-course they don’t mention it either. Becoming insecure is the catalyst, when a man is unable to be comfortable talking to his wife the one in the world that he should be able to talk to about anything, then it makes him feel under-appreciated.

The daily issues like taking care of the bills, children and chores, allows couples to drift away, often another woman will make a man feel good about himself, and appreciated too. Not every man may be the same in a way of showing strength, some may look strong-willed, but on the inside they are insecure like everybody else. He wants to feel valued like you would.

A Winning Mentality

Men have a winning mentality, when they watch a sports game they enjoy to win, having an ownership in the team, but if they see the game is not going well the game is not watched till the end.

If one wants to be in a relationship you got to understand the knowledge of a man. Your man should feel like he is winning when he does something for you.

Do men cheat on their wives with another who is attractive?

You may think it is the reason for cheating, but the answer is NO

Eighty eight percent of men cheat with woman that are no better looking than their wives and are not good in shape either.

Things get rocky, and years go by without any improvement and sometimes couples get to the point of living separate lives and are still in the same house, just avoiding each other. In cases like this other persons show interest in their lives.

It is not about sex, people are been made to believe this, no matter how you look, or how kind you are, relationships don’t work if two people lack interest in each other

Only seven percent of men confess to cheating

The truth about cheating

When your partner spends more time out the house
A lack of sex
When he avoids contact, doesn’t touch you like he used to, like when you first met.
His cell phone is not answered when you give him a ring

You are criticized even more
These signs are not only if he is cheating also for when he is about to cheat.
When a man can’t stop talking about another woman you know there has to be something going on.


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author avatar shallimarRose
15th May 2012 (#)

Vulnerability in a relationship .. great topic and article... renewing our vows after 39 years of marriage.. I have not had to worry about this but i agree with your tips...sR

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author avatar Pradeep Kumar B
16th May 2012 (#)

I enjoyed reading your article. Are you of the opinion that men only cheat?

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author avatar Euphonos
29th May 2012 (#)

well said

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author avatar Funom Makama
3rd Jun 2012 (#)


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