Voting Is No Fix

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People have been propagandized into thinking that by voting things will change. Is that true? This article bears the truth about voting.

Does Voting Really Make Things Right

Many times I have watched a commercial in which William Devane pitches for Rosland Capital, a hard assets company. In this one commercial he acknowledges the perilous time we live in and he, being a good American, will do two things: (1) He will vote and (2) he will purchase gold and silver to secure his financial future. It is on his first intention I wish to comment.

The first thought that raced through my mind was: We have been voting for hundreds of years ending with this unprecedented chaotic time. Just what does Mr. Devane think voting in this year's presidential election will do for America? I suppose Mr. Devane hopes his vote and the votes of millions of others will right the ship – will turn things around – will recapture the America of the past.

Not only is that unlikely it is impossible because of many prevailing conditions which voting has directly or indirectly influenced.

America is now predominantly a God-denying people
America is an irreparably divided nation
America has lost its identity unless we accept a hodge-podge identity
America has become an amoral society – sin reigns
America is a land of religious freedom- freedom from God's eternal truth

A second reason that America will not be reclaimed through voting is the character and integrity of the majority of present day political candidates.

Almost all of the political candidates are of the world. They know not God or His ways. They are spiritually lost. More likely than not they do not keep their promises upon gaining office. They tell us what we want to hear but fail to do our bidding. Should a God-fearing man/woman gain election they are soon crushed and absorbed by the ungodly political machine.

What Will Fix Things

Can America be reclaimed? Can America be returned to its former glory? Will any amount of voting salvage America? Many Christians will cite II Chronicles 7:14 as hope for America's resurgence but that pertains to Israel alone. The nation of Israel was a nation of God's elect people – America is not. God surely has elect people in America, the church, but the nation is not all God's chosen people.

My understanding of Bible prophecy strongly compels me to disavow any possible return of a past America. God is working out His prophetic plan for America and all other countries and it does not include restoration. The stark truth is the end time is upon us and God is preparing the nations to accept the final world leader – the person we know as the Antichrist.

My thought is we Christians must abandon the notion of reclaiming America and focus on reclaiming the church of the Lord Jesus Christ. When Jesus returns He will not grasp America, England, Australia or any nation to Himself. The church alone will Jesus take to be with Him. The faithful church will be removed from all countries - removed from this world – to be with Jesus Christ forever.

The only hope that ungodly America has, as does any ungodly country, is that Christians everywhere faithfully perform the “great commission.” Matt 28:19-20 Our lifelong desire and joy should be the spreading of the gospel of Jesus Christ. He alone deserves the votes of all people everywhere. This vote is a fixer!


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