Violence, Nonviolence and Our Children

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Of all the siblings of different species, the human ones require much attention and caring. Nevertheless, they are introduced with violence at the outset of their life. They are taught to accept violence, and they become violent sometimes. Nonviolence should be given a chance.

Violence, Nonviolence and Our Children

brotee mukhopadhyay

Human siblings are special

Of all the siblings of different species the human ones require much attention and caring. They take ten to eleven months to stand on their feet and much more time to move independently. They need regular assistance to get cleaned and dressed and fed. Even they are provided with cradle's songs to get asleep. Parents in general love their children. They take every step for the protection and growing of the children.

First blow of violence from the parents

Unfortunately parents play the undesirable role to introduce the children with violence and coercion. The children experience the evil of violence from their parents for the first time in life. Parents have constraints of life, and they have their own desires which find very few options again. They have definite set of mind and limitation of learning and development. As loving parents they want their children grow happily and they try to help them grow favorably. Still human mind demands freedom and parents find the task of taming the children. Taming invites restrictions and coercion real or under the garb of pretension. Children begin to listen to 'Don't do this/don't go there/do what I say/why don't you listen to me?' and many more so. The course of disciplining the children is replete with violence of the primary nature. Fortunately, children accept the mild doses of coercion and cooperate. They cooperate because they too love their parents and that they cannot even bear separation from them at times.

Experience of violence from the teachers

When these children are sent to the school they find themselves in a different environment. Expectantly the teachers are affectionate and caring. They may be considered as exceptions of the rules. The school is otherwise a center to tame the children according to the set format of the state to which the school belongs. The children begin to learn what red eyes are and what canes are and what is kneeling down and what is meant by such words as 'get out of the class'. These all are events of violence that the children begin to experience in the beginning of their life. They may come in contact with some teachers who are by disposition sadist. Children will try to adjust with the unfriendly surroundings. A few of them will not be able to cope up with the same and they suffer more.

Children are snubbed when they ask any question

As systems of education all over the world have always been experimental and have always been set to the necessity of the society and state they may not keep the children happy and joyful. As a great part of life in the universe many issues may arise in their mind, issues importance of which will not be comprehended by the seniors around them. Children will be asked to suppress those. Teachers or guardians will snub them with words like 'don't ask me such questions/why does such question bother you? / this is not the place to discuss what you want to know/you are busy with the rubbish' and more such. Seniors associated with the children will never know what evil they have done. Most of the children will stop thinking and they will no more ask a question which sprouts in their mind. Violence of this form has never been acknowledged.

We prepare our kids to accept violence

We will present them different kinds of electronic gadgets. They will love to play games in the computer and games with ingredient of tremendous violence are not fewer. They will love to watch movies and movies with plenty of violence are not fewer. Children will be tamed according to our opinions and gradually they will learn not to react or respond at the instances of utter violence committed by many of us daily in this small planet. As they will grow they may find themselves abused by other human beings, abused spiritually, physically and even sexually. One day a student will unload his gun on his friends and teachers in some institute of education. Our researches will begin again and we will go on thinking and we will labor more to find out avenues to free us from such menace and will hardly succeed.

Give nonviolence a chance, please!

Is it not better to honor and practice nonviolence everyday and everywhere? Is it not better to change our disposition for securing natural orientation towards the center of nonviolence? We may not achieve something which we could do with some short-cuts measures but still with measures stained with violence. Maybe our children fail to perform better in the school. What will be greater loss? Is it wiser to loose a man who, when he will be an adult in the society, will love others and will grow with compassion in mind for others than to win a man who will grow as a self-centered person with little feelings for others? Which side that we should take --- violence and nonviolence? Yes, it should be settled once for all, yes, for our children who are treasure of small wonders.


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