Vaginal Delivery and Postnatal Care

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Pregnancy is the most beautiful and tough time for a woman. Here are some problems with potential solutions during pregnancy.


Especially for the moms having undergone a vaginal delivery, the postpartum care matters a lot. While normal delivery always offers a quick recovery and concerns no post-operative infection, despite that a vaginal delivery leads to soreness, acute discomfort to urinating problem and so on. Hence, apart from caring your baby, it is significant for you to undertake some personal care enabling you to become fit and recover quickly.

Some Common Postnatal Problems

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Here are some problems with solutions-

Tenderness of Vagina

Numbers of women experience a vaginal scratch or cut termed as episiotomy for a successful delivery of the child. Depending upon the size, weight and position of the child, physicians may employ forceps through vaginal entrance generating wound that usually hurt for several weeks. The healing process should include -

Your actions

1. Soothing of wound by using ice pack wrapped within cloths while one can use freezing witch-hazel-pad, available across the pharmacy counters. You can position the pad under a sanitary napkin and over the wound
2. As you urinate, pour lukewarm water over the vulva and use a clean pad, press it tightly against the cut while you press down for bowel clearance.
3. Always maintain hygiene and keep your wound clean. Use a spray bottle full of warm water in order to rinse the vaginal opening tissues and perineum once toilet activities are finished
4. Sit down cautiously. If sitting is itchy or feels uncomfortable, use a padded ring or pillow and sit on it.
5. For continue an effective healing procedure, take suggestions of your physician. Under circumstances when wound feels hot, sore becomes intensifying, inflamed and pus-like discharge is noticed, always contact the doctor.

Vaginal discharge

A baby’s normal birth follows vaginal discharge of women continuously for a few weeks. Such a discharge accompanies huge flow of blood for first few days, which gradually decrease and change to reddish-pink, brown or white color eventually.

You must be careful enough and always use well padded extra-large type sanitary napkins that can soak a good amount of blood making you feel fresh and hygienic. Nothing to worry about, if small blood clots found in the discharge gush, however, you should call back your physician under such circumstances if

1. You find a sanitary pad to get fully wet just in an hour while lying
2. The discharge carries a foul smell/ blood clots become larger and sometimes even like golf balls
3. Continuous cramping and contraction
4. You carry a temperature of 100 F degree or even higher

Urination problems

Damaging and puffiness of the urethra as well as bladder linked tissues makes you feel trouble and pain during urinating. While the problem of difficulty urinating decrease on its own, you can get a fast relief; take a jag or warm and clean water, sit on the toilet or on a stool and pour it across the vulva. In case, you notice any symptom concerning urinary tract infection like

1. Intense hurting during urinate
2. You always feel that your bladder is yet empty
3. Frequent urge of urinating; consult your physician.

Pregnancy as well as a childbirth stretches the involving tissues of the urinating bladder that result in muscle damage in the urethra and makes the bladder reflexive. This lead you to leak urine as you laugh, cough, sneeze or give any pressure on lower part of the body. The problem goes off automatically within 2-3 months. Meanwhile, one can undergo pelvic-floor muscle workouts permission of the doctor.

All you have to do is to tighten the pelvic muscles and try stopping of urinating. Wait for five seconds, release urine and carry on the practice for 4-5 times. You can also practice a session of 10 seconds contracting and 10 seconds relaxing of the muscles and repeat the workout session 3-4 times a day. Take proper rest after exercise to prevent any unwanted result. You can use maternity pillow during this time.

Bowel movement

Pain in bowel movements or inflammation near anus is a common problem while you can experience hemorrhoids from swollen and scratched veins in surrounding areas. To ease this uneasiness, take warm water compress by sitting in hot water tub and subsequently make use of chilled witch-hazel-pads as stated above in your affected area. Take medication as prescribed by your physician, if the problem becomes acute or there is any infection.


Following a natural delivery of the baby, all these problems are quite common and not anything fearful. However, a well planned postpartum care can give you a quick relief from all these problems. Also, consult with your physician as per necessity.


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