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Patanjali says- Brahmacharya is not a discipline, it is a consequence, and it happens in ordinary life also.

A great poet, a great painter, a dancer who is completely involved in his commitment automatically becomes celibate.

There is a beautiful story said about Vachaspati who is a great philosopher and thinker. He was so much involved in his studies that when his father said to him, “Now I am getting old, and I don’t know when I will die-any moment-and you are my only son, and I would like you to be married”. He was so much involved in his studies that he said, “Okay”. He didn’t hear what he was saying. So, he got married. He got married, but he completely forgot that he had a wife.

And this happen only in India: this cannot happen anywhere else: the wife loved him so much that she didn’t want to disturb. So, it is said twelve years passed without any change. She would serve him like a shadow, take every care, but not disturb, not to say- ‘I am here, and what are you doing?’.

Continuously he was writing a commentary-one of the greatest ever written commentary on Badarayan’ Brahm Sutras and he was so involved, so totally, that he not only forgot about his wife; he was not even aware who brings the food, who takes the plates back, who comes in the evening and lights the lamp, who prepares the bed.

Twelve years passed and the night came when his commentary was complete. Just the last word he was to write, and he had taken a vow, that when the commentary was complete he will become a sanyasin. Then he will not be concerned with the mind, and everything is finished. This is his only karma that has to be fulfilled.

That night he was a little relaxed, because he wrote the last sentence near about twelve, and for the first time he became aware of the surroundings. The lamp was burning low and needed more oil. A beautiful hand was pouring oil into it. He looked back and couldn’t recognize the face: he said, “Who are you and what are you doing here?”. The wife said, “Twelve years back you had brought me as your wife but you were so much committed to your work and I didn’t like to disturb or interrupt”.

Vachaspati started weeping, his tears started flowing – “This is very complex. Now, I am a sanyasin. I cannot be your husband. What I can do for your services, your love, your devotion?”.

So, he called his commentary on the Brahm-Sutras, Bhamati, name of his wife. The name is absurd because to call Badarayan ’s Brahm-Sutras and the commentary, Bhamati, it has no relationship.

He left the house. The wife was weeping, crying, but not in pain but in absolute bliss. She said, “That’s enough. This gesture, this love in your eyes, is enough. I have got enough: don’t feel guilty. Go! And forget me completely. I would not like to be a burden in your mind. No need to remember me”.

When total energy is used, sex disappears. And that is the state of celibacy..… all potential energy flowering.


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Wonderful, jaya my friend.

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