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May it be for real or virtually, no one is an island and everyone needs a friend to call on.

My Online Friends

All I just wanted is to learn a foreign language, master the art of expressing myself in another form of language and enhance my knowledge about it. Who would have thought that this passion of mine could be a bridge into something wonderful. Something that is more relevant to my life. Something I will treasure because I consider it precious.

In the past few months, I have been trying to dig deeper to see the bag of treasures of learning a new language. I have tried German, French and Russian. German language never fails me to go crazy with their pronunciation. I just love how my tongue got tangled whenever I learn new words especially those with lots of consonants. French language, on the other hand makes me feel so witty and classy. I am so amaze with Russian culture that's why I ventured myself on Russian language. I've been doing all my studies online through the help of a language site called It was really a great tool for learning, but I have never imagined it would be a bridge, too for me to meet these wonderful people I know now.

Have you ever experience having a busy day, lots of stuff need to be done or worse, a really bad day? And suddenly you just put up a smile because you were appreciated by these people you called VIRTUAL FRIENDS. I called them virtual friends because all of them, I just met online. We have never really had the chance to see each other in person in real time. Time zone is a test in our friendship. And we're all happy that we pass the exam with flying colors. Even if we have 4 - 12 hr - difference, we still manage to talk to each other and at least once in a while do video conference and talk anything under the sun.

I got tons of virtual friends. From East to West, North to South, but I tried to choose the real ones. In this type of world where we first met (INTERNET) we can never really be 100 percent sure of everything. Necessary precautions are still need to be done and assessed. There are people who'll befriend you with hidden agenda. There will be some of them who will just laugh at you because you look different to what they normally see in their place. Some might give unnecessary or racist comments. We need to be aware of those things and of course we would never want that to happen to us.

My friends, I have known them for just several months, but I have this inexplicable connection with them. It might be passion for language, personality, characteristic, views, opinions etc. They seem to be very kind and nice people. The fact that we haven't really met each other, they have proven me a lot of things I certainly believe before with other culture were not totally true. Before, I have bad images with Western culture, I don't typically like Europeans for their 'snob character' but as I met people with this cultural background, little by little it is getting clearer to me what is the real thing. They were my eye opener. They helped me in such a way they can never imagine that they are of big help.

This blog entry is for them. For those whom I consider my virtual friends. As a person who works home based and just sitting in front of the computer all the time, they are somehow becoming my REAL world. You guys are well appreciated (EQUALLY appreciated).


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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
28th Mar 2015 (#)

Thanks for sharing your article. Smiles to you!

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author avatar Harold Jay
28th Mar 2015 (#)

Thanks a lot for reading my article. Have a great day

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author avatar Melissa Dawn
28th Mar 2015 (#)

Good share. Hope to read more from you.

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author avatar Harold Jay
29th Mar 2015 (#)

Thanks melissa... I will write more dont worry... :)

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