Use of Massage Chair during Pregnancy

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Massage chair is a useful tool to provide relaxation to pregnant women. But, it should be used very cautiously. This article covers all aspect of using a massage chair during pregnancy.


At the time of pregnancy a woman goes through some guidelines and medical advices, at this time she feels some hormonal changes, which often causes greater changes in her health. In day to day life she feels fatigue, pain aches, and discomforts, during the night hours she does not sleep enough and suffers from sleep disorder. Moreover anxiety and mental stress are very common disorders. To remain spirited and relaxed she needs to take massage, and for this she can do it by sitting on electric run vibrating chair by any expert physical therapist.

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Is It Really Safe?

Study made by the university of Pennsylvania office of health education shows that the massage sitting on the chair really beneficial for the pregnant women, as it helps to create much blood circulation in the upper portion of the body at the same time it relives the women from body pain, aches and cramps, at the same time another question arises is it safe for the baby inside? As during the movement of it a vibration is created, but it is seen that the womb inside is covered with safety way in amniotic sac, this is made up of amniotic fluid, this special type of fluid and sac serve as the cushion of the fetus. So it is evident that it has no harmful effect on the baby inside. Again other question raises, about the safety norm related with the electromagnetic radiation, created during its operation as it is run on the electric energy, but it is also proven by the research that the radiation produced at the time of moving the chair is very low, which has very least effect on the human body. The vibration movement causes the effect just like the effect of walking movement.

Role of Massage Chair

Massage chair is very useful for the exercise at the stage of pregnancy. It provides relaxation; by the vibration it increases the circulation of blood in the body. The massage creates loosening effects in the strained muscles, the excited nervous systems become cool and spirited. Through massage one can reduce her anxiety, at the same time the women can sleep well at night hours. Massage chair helps out to relieve the women from mental strain, it removes some kinds of discomforts, energises her with refresh mood, due to massaging the chemical endorphin increases in the blood, it leads to create a good and positive attitude among the pregnant women.

The Causes of Its Popularity

Massage chair has become very popular among the pregnant women. Some reasons are there behind its popularity. In the society it is considered to be the ideal massage for the conservative and self conscious women who do not wish to lay one table and remain in clothed. Again this massage is not done through the use of any type of lotion of oil, which may have some smell that can not be suitable to the pregnant women as during the stage they feel some discomfort with such things, deep smell is one of them. While massaging sitting on it , for each session it takes almost 30 minutes or little more, it is done twice a day so it is time saving and economical.

Statutory Warning

A statutory warning is given by the manufacturer to the users, they producers do not want to be hassled by the legal procedures at any stage, they always imprint with a common wiring on it that it is not suitable for the pregnant women, and it is better to take proper medical guidance for using it. One should follow up the guidance her own doctor before getting massage through the massage chair.


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