Urbanization Pressures

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How is urbanization impacting the lives of people?

Urbanization Pressures

Urbanization refers to the process where people migrate from rural areas to urban areas. Most people relocate in search of better jobs or to be in close proximity with social amenities. Since there is more convenience in urban areas as opposed to rural places, many people value the urban life. The problem with urbanization comes with the pressure that is exerted on the existing amenities. Due to this pressure there are lots of crimes which result from overpopulation and unemployment, lack of enough housing among others.
But as people become more urbanized their dreams of ever achieving a better life are fading away. Desperation and frustration is leading the young and the old to turn into drug use to relieve their frustrations. Women in this conundrum are not spared either. Most women are getting caught up in substance abuse and some are introduced to them by their partners. There are varied reasons why women resolve to use drugs in urban setting. With more women entering the workforce, the pressures and stress of a career and the need to care for their families have driven many women to look for relief through drugs or alcohol. Other resolves to use drugs because of trauma they experienced in their childhood. For instance, a woman who experienced child rape when she was young might want to forget the traumatic past by using drugs.
Although drug abuse might seem like a norm to those who depend on them, there are far reaching consequences associated with their use. Most of these them are health related problems such as withdrawal, the risk of miscarriage, high blood pressure, heart problems, stroke and addiction.


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20th Aug 2013 (#)

You bring up some really important issues facing our society today. Urbanization is a situation that has caused many people to become competitive in the workspace, it is not enough to just have work experience and a college degree. Employers are looking for leaders who can run small teams within the corporate structure. The good news is that it is opening up opportunity for woman to get into higher paying management positions. The downside is that the family structure is disintegrating at the same time, causing our children to seek poor role models in life.

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