Unusual Tricks for Avoiding Conflict in a Relationship

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Study well these eight mentioned important steps to avoiding conflict in a relationship; know what to do when your relationship is working well, and what to do when crisis spring up.


"To err is human," it is said. This implies that humanity is not perfect. He is bound to offend and be offended. If this not a fact, then why are there conflicts all around us. Individually, man is having internal conflict everyday inside his mind. Socially, he is faced with conflicts, his business partners, his lovers and friends want to reap him off all his possessions. Nationally and internationally, groups, and nations are at loggerheads.

But in this conflict-bound world because of man's imperfection, is it possible to have a relationship devoid of conflict? Of course, it is possible. Then, how do you avoid conflict in a relationship? First, here are the things we need to do when our relationship is working well to maintain the tempo:

Inspire Love. Do as much as you can to inspire love in your mind and in your partner. Perhaps, this is the best way to avoid conflict in a relationship. The emotions of envy, greed selfishness, jealousy, and suspicion breed conflict in a relationship. Don't inspire them in your partner or in you. But inspire love instead. How do you do it? Love your partner, first and foremost. Love is simply, likeness, the desire not to hurt your object of love and to be with him or her always. Talk out love and live it, too.

Indulge Your Partner. The rule is don't provoke or be provoked. Root out unruly behavior in you, and be a source of pleasure and happiness to your partner. Be a lover and friend to him or her. Indulge his or her habits, that’s have tolerance and endure them. If there is something to change in your partner, do it in love. Never complain or whine, do it in light-hardheartedness. Good sense of humor is more effective.

Be a Leader. Take the lead in your relationship whether you're the wooed or the wooer. The leader is the manager, the coordinator, the director and the distributor. Play these roles in your relationship, and not a boss, bossing everyone around. Be an active lover and a companion. Don't wait for your partner to do all the wooing. Be a seducer, too.

Now, here are the things we need to do to avoid conflict when our relationship is threatened with it:

Sign a Peace Treat. This may sound awful but it is necessary to keep conflict at a distance. This is not all about signing a physical document. The partners involve should have a consensus, what is involved in the relationship and what each person stands to lose in the case of eventuality. The treaty is in the form of commitment, consummation, and legal document or any means that may ensure peace. Remember, "Two persons cannot walk together except they agreed."

Be Reasonable. Think before you act or say anything, especially when tension arises. You will come to appreciate it when you think properly about your partner's actions or behaviors. Humans always have justifiable reasons behind their actions. Outwardly, bend to him or her. Compromise to his or her ideals that are not harmful. And find a diplomatic way to resolve every of your differences.

Resolve Every Conflict as Soon as Possible. When conflict seems inevitable, do not allow it to linger. The rule is this, "Do not allow your partner to walk away in anger." Resolve every argument before he or she leaves except you want it to be the end. And you, too, should not walk out in anger on your partner no matter the level of provocation. It might be a set-up to end the entanglement. If it is in the case of a difficult partner, you may bring a trustworthy third party as a mediator. Resolve whatever needs to be resolved through dialogue.

Say nothing, do nothing. When conflict knocks on the front door of your relationship, do nothing or say anything that will increase the tension. Be calm and cool. It is at this moment that you have to show maturity and responsibility. Speak softly and do not be defensive except if your life is in danger. Nothing disarms the aggressor like a cheerful disposition in the face of provocation. The bible advises, "A soft answer turns away wrath."

Forgive. This may be difficult, but you have to forgive. How long will you be angry? If you really desire a conflict free relationship, then you have to forgive the offenses of your partner. Your partner is a human, and bound to make mistakes or offend. Forgive! When you do, you heal yourself, and heal the relationship. When you forgive, forget as well, and go back to your partner.

Finally, study well these eight mentioned important steps to avoiding conflict in a relationship; know what to do when your relationship is working well, and what to do when crisis spring up.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
20th May 2015 (#)

Good tips, thanks Chijioke Emeh. One should think from other's point of view to understand the issues than jump to conclusions. Give and take is necessary but certainly not one party always giving and the other taking! siva

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author avatar Chijioke Emeh
25th May 2015 (#)

Thanks Sivara. You are right. I will put that into consideration.

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11th Jun 2015 (#)

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