Unruly Neighbours. How Do You Cope With Them?

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9 Times Out Of 10 We Have Had Unruly Neighbours. Here Is How We Cope With Them.

Noise, It Is Soul-Destroying When Trying To Sleep

Next door is an Impact Housing property. This is a Housing Association that have taken over responsibility from the Local Council in housing people that cannot be housed normally. Therefore, many disabled people or unruly teenagers get housed by Associations. We generally get the latter next door. It is the only Impact Housing property down this street, unfortunately for us.

Our previous neighbour was lovely as she had a child with ADHD so the pair of them would be in bed by about 10pm. Never heard them during the day either; it was bliss. The previous two tenants and the new one in there now are entirely the opposite, but I do have ways of dealing with them.

The first is to send hubby round! He did this two nights ago at 2am when the music was still playing and the voices became louder as more and more booze was consumed. It took him half an hour before the girl's mother answered the door as she was about to leave, totally inebriated. Her daughter apologised for her behaviour but I'm afraid the quietness was shortlived. She was at it again last night.

This time I took over. I rang the Police as this girl did not take any notice of my husband the night before. Because the noise was happening (again) after midnight I knew the Police could call round as it is anti-social behaviour. I was advised to ring Impact Housing today, which I did. A few weeks ago I had aired my concerns about the new tenant to "Elaine" who reliably informed me that "Rhianna likes her music" as though it was something to be welcomed.

Well, it isn't welcome, not in the early hours of the morning it isn't and I told her so. I remained calm throughout and Elaine apologised on Rhianna's behalf, saying she "will have words" and would ring me back in due course. I was reasonable in saying that I did not want to involve Environmental Health as that could lead to an eventual eviction. All I want is for Rhianna to be quiet after midnight, which isn't too much to ask in 2011 is it?


Loud Music, Noisy Neighbor

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author avatar Carol
5th Jan 2011 (#)

You have my sympathy. We have new neighbours who are not noisy, but they have put up a shed blocking our view, and now want to build all over the place and spoil what is a character house At the moment, the council has refused them, but they have put in an appeal

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author avatar Janey1966
5th Jan 2011 (#)

It's annoying how some people just do what they want without realising there are people around them to consider. Well, fingers crossed, since the Police came round and my telephone call to Impact Housing, it's very quiet next door. Hope she's got the message at last!

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author avatar Denise O
7th Jan 2011 (#)

Well I hope this puts a end to all of this for you Janey. I am lucky, I don't have that problem.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar Janey1966
8th Jan 2011 (#)

All Quiet On The Western Front since the Police came round and the phone call to Impact. Fingers crossed it lasts!!

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
11th Jun 2015 (#)

They are everywhere breaking rules to make others' lives miserable - siva

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