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Some of the creative ways that you can use with some leftover buttons, so go ahead and save them instead of tossing them out.

This why you should save them

You go to put on your shirt in the morning and a button pops off. Not the really important one in the middle, just the very top one that you never use anyway. Do you throw the button away, or do you keep it.

If you are like me, you save it and I will give you some good reasons why you should save it.

In place of poker chips

This has happened to me and I’m telling you, I’m so glad that I did save all those buttons. We were having poker night at our house and we couldn’t find our poker chips. Since I saved so many buttons, I had a nice collection with all sorts of different colors so we could us the different colors for the different values for the game. It worked out perfectly and our poker night was saved.

In place of game pieces

Playing a game of Bingo or Parcheesi with out the pieces is less than ideal, so pull out your button drawer and substitute the buttons for the pieces. When I did this with my son, we were having fun just picking out what buttons we wanted to use as our game pieces.

In place of furniture for a dollhouse

The little pieces of furniture that belong in a dollhouse are very simple to lose track of and even harder to find. So grab a few buttons and use them for little plates or wall hangings for the dollhouse.

In place of hackie sack filler

When your hackie sack develops a tear and the filling runs out, don’t worry just refill the bag with some buttons. It will still have the same weight and you’ll be able to play with it like before.

Start saving all of those buttons and you can try some of these great ideas next time you lose a piece to one of your games or you lose a piece of dollhouse furniture.

Sources: Personal experience

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author avatar Susan Jane
8th Mar 2013 (#)

Such unique uses for buttons. I just like saving them. I am sure I will do something with them one of these days.

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author avatar Retired
22nd Mar 2013 (#)

creative indeed!

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author avatar Songbird B
25th Mar 2013 (#)

I have always saved odd buttons because my mum did just the same..Some really creative and practical suggestions as to their use here Dina..\0/x

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