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It reveals the true picture of people,how people change with changing conditions.


Relationships........I do not know where to begin.Only being 15 i have seen many relationships(not in the context of bf or gf).People give you tough time in life.Life is definitely not a bed of roses.I have seen people change and i have seen attitudes of people you might have never even dreamt off.Relationships with family,far flung relatives,teachers,class fellows and who not.Every time a relationship takes unexpected turns.

Hard Times

Seven and naive, everyone seemed so nice and loving.It was not until I came back to Pakistan from Kuwait that i started seeing the true faces of people.Coming to Pakistan was already very difficult for me,people did not make it any easier for me either.
Due to our finances, we had to live at my grandfather's house.my grandfather lived with my uncle but my aunt was a widow she lived there with her two children.I had never thought things would turn out so nasty,but what can i say life is life takes unexpected turns.
My mother's own sister,born from the same parents turned out to be a pain for us at such a crucial moment in our life.She did not leave a moment to make our lives miserable.My mother had been diagnosed with hepatitis C ,it was difficult for all of us.My dad was still in Kuwait as he could not have afforded our education otherwise.
Hallucination was one of the side effects of her medicine,which made my mom believe that someone was doing black magic on her.But i cannot explain what i saw with my own eyes that day.my mother made herself porridge and put it in the microwave to warm it . she went to get something from the kitchen.i was sitting near the microwave ,nobody came.when my mom tasted the porridge,she said it tasted of detergent.knowing her condition,i tasted it myself.To my amazement ,it actually did taste of detergent.i can assure you it was not stale from before because my mom had her porridge from the same packet,the day before.
struggling with her condition,she tried her level best to stay present minded for us.my aunt shouted at my mom that she should pay more than half of the electricity bill as we had two rooms and she lived with her children in one room,which did not make sense,considering both of us used only one AC each.
Her children did not do any better either.my cousin was at least 18 years older than me.she worked at the national newspaper.i wrote my first poem in my life.i requested her to get it published in the newspaper.She said she would give it but she did not and gave it back to me,making an excuse that she did not get time.
Her brother did not do any better either.he used to throw his cigarettes out his window near our room.when my mom would say something,he would shout back at her.He always used to say to me that i was not courteous.Being seven years old,i had no idea what he meant but i realised it did not mean something good.Now fully understanding the meaning of the word,i wonder why he said that i was only a child.however i had respected him a lot.i had not once been rude to him despite his coldness.

Turning Over A New Leaf

Life has changed since then,my mom has forgiven them(well kind off).now they try to be so nice and sweet.it seems all so fake.i try to forget but i cannot forget those days ever and nor can i forget what they did.People change the moment you become something.Allahamdullillah now that we own 2 cars,my mom's well and she works,my eldest brother has become a doctor and we are reasonably rich,they have changed.who would have thought my own aunt,not a step one but my true aunt could be so cold hearted.Now she acts like she has always loved me.My mother says so she apologized but i do not think did she once ever say the word so sorry.she seems to have forgotten about.
Anyway, this was the first eye-opener for me.tough i think it was too early for a nine year old.However it has made me who i am.I stand more mature amongst my age fellow as a matter of fact even people older then me.In a way it is a positive thing,my past never lets me do anything wrong.Like other teenagers,I don't feel the urge to hate people for stupid reasons or even disobey my parents.As it is i have seen meaner people than just a bunch of stupid teenagers fooling around.
That's it for now.i will share some of my other experiences some other time.But i would like you to ponder over it and please do tell me your opinions about it.


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author avatar Sheila Newton
21st Jan 2012 (#)

Thanks for sharing such intimate samily stuff with me. I loved every word.

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author avatar Sheila Newton
21st Jan 2012 (#)

That should read 'family stuff' - typo sorry

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