Treasure the Embarrassing Moments of Parenthood

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Remember that TV series, 'Some Mothers Do Have Them' - I think all parents feel like that from time to time.

Supermarkets, Mums and Children

As young parents we all try hard to be perfect. Most of us fall short of this ideal. Some blame their children, others blame themselves.
Sometimes the honesty of children is more than we can bear. For some reason the supermarket seemed the ideal place for my son to show up my parenting skills.
There were many embarrassing moments to come in the following years and it was a long time before I learned to not over react. Now, thirty years later I'll gladly be seen shopping with my son. But that hasn't always been the case.

Mummy, I'm Stuck

When our son was very small and still learning how to pronounce many words correctly, he had trouble pronouncing the 'st' sound. For some reason this sound consisitently came out as an 'f' sound. For example, if he wanted to stay stone it would come out as fone.
Now most of the time this really didn't matter. I knew what his little mouth was trying to say and no one else really cared. That is, until the day we were shopping in the local supermarket.
He was an energetic little boy, always climbing and trying to get into or out of unusual spaces. While I was reaching to get something from the top supermarket shelf he tried climbimng out of the trolley. Instead of the success he'd envisaged, his little foot became entangled in the trolley side.
Imagine his roar of disgust as he announced in his loudest voice, Stuck Mummy, Stuck! Except that, as you've probably already figured, it didn't come out quite that way. Imagine the look on passerby's faces as he roared at the top of his voice, substituting the sound 'f' for the 'st' sound he couldn't say.
I think I made matters worse by trying to explain my way out of the situation to anyone who would listen.

Steak, Oranges and Chocolate

Another supermarket moment happened just before he was about to start school. I was having my hair cut at the hairdresser next door and thought he was safely playing in the enclosed area by the door. But, as shown above, our son was a natural escapee and when he became bored with playing he decided to speed up the shopping process.
Not having noticed he was gone, and in an extremely short time, I heard a voice beside the hairdresser chair.
Look Mum, I've done the shopping. I've bought you all the things we can't afford.
He stood there holding a supermarket basket, filled with wonderful treats. These included steak, oranges and chocolate.
I still don't understand how a four year old can walk out of a busy supermarket with a basket of food and not be stopped by anyone. All would have been well, except that, when returning the items to the supernmarket we met his soon to be teacher. Not being able to keep his mouth shut for long, he told her why we were walking back into the supermarket with a basket of food.
The poor lad never did seem able to please that teacher once he started school.

Treasure the Funny Moments

Now, thirty years later I can see the funny side of things. How I wish that at the time there was someone around who could have told me to stop worrying, to stop trying to be the perfect mother.
All children have their moments, some are more regular performers than others. If you have a child who seems exasperating at times, learn to look at the funny side of things. My child didn't turn into a man using offensive language, nor did he become a competent shoplifter. He had his moments, and now I wish I'd enjoyed them more at the time.


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author avatar Denise O
20th Nov 2011 (#)

You really touched my funny bone. I feel this one reason why we are better grandparents than we were parents...
Other than the "Been there, done that", we also now know to take the time to soak it all in and enjoy every precious memory. Great page my friend. Congrats on the star page, it is well deserved. As always, thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar Denise O
20th Nov 2011 (#)

Well iot seems I gave you a star and it wasn't a star page. Hmm?!?!
Well you are a star in my eyes.:)

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author avatar Buzz
20th Nov 2011 (#)

Glad to see Denise back with us. Val, thanks for the amusing

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author avatar Retired
21st Nov 2011 (#)

My son was having a bout of hiccups and we started imitating him as he sounded like a little Tom and jerry cartoon. It worked he burst out laughing but had hiccups again. Ended telling me Don't laugh at me, I am having hook ups. Whatever seriousness we had in us disappeared and we cracked up much to his exasperation. None the less the hiccups disappeared.

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author avatar Lord Banks
22nd Nov 2011 (#)

A great article Val, I enjoyed that. LB

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author avatar Delicia Powers
5th Dec 2011 (#)

Great read, very fun, thanks Val!!!

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author avatar Songbird B
16th Dec 2011 (#)

Wonderful article Val...Laughed out loud at his antics..What a great share and an important lesson too..

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