Top Three Trending Toys/Collectibles

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Top Three Trending Toys/Collectibles

A Little More Than Collectibles

There are three toys that have turned the meaning of the word "collectibles" on it's ear, instead of these items being purchased and placed on shelves to gather dust, they are played with in a new and interesting way. If you spend any amount of time in You Tube,you will find these collectibles starring in their very own mini dramas, which are created by some of the most imaginative children the world over.

Introductions All Around

If you are the parent of a girl between the ages of 9 and 11, you should be relatively familiar with these three toys, they are the most clamored for by this particular demographic. Before introducing them, all three of these toys come with a plethora of accessories but the investment is worth it for the hours of enjoyment and creativity they bring a child, by triggering the imagination and working situations out through play these collectibles are both educational and fun.

The Littlest Pet Shop

The adorable bobble headed Littlest Pet shop franchise has been around in one form or another since the early 1990's when Kenner introduced the first LPS characters. At that time, they did not possess the over sized heads. It was in 2005 when Hasbro re-introduced them to the public that they had the bobble heads some even had specific characteristics like flapping wings. It was also at this time that a wide range of accessories began cropping up, enabling children to put them into visual situations.
Approximate retail prices for the individual characters run from 3.99 to 4.99, which is a great price for an item that will get tons of use, as "actors" on You Tube. Accessory prices may be a bit higher and although worth the investment, a majority of girls like to create their own furniture, clothing and stages for their LPS characters from scratch. As mentioned earlier, any toy that can trigger imagination and creativity is a great purchase from that standpoint alone.

American Girl Doll

The American Girl Doll has been around since 1986 and has enjoyed "star status" among young girls all over the world. When they first came out, they were created to mimic famous young girls through out history and were sold with a companion book on the history of that particular character, as well as a set of clothing pertinent to the era that character lived in. In 1998 the creators of the original American Girl Doll became a subsidiary of Mattel and with that attachment came more accessories, and dolls that closely resembled the children that bought them. It is safe to say that to date, the American Girl Doll has so many accessories that it makes Barbie look broke by comparison. The popularity of this doll has over shadowed every other doll on the market. Due to that popularity, the dolls and accessories are quite pricey, with dolls alone retailing at $100 a piece. These dolls do provide hours of entertainment and also are used as "You Tube Stars", but not everyone can afford to purchase them for their daughters so below is an introduction to the number one American Doll alternative.

Our Generation Dolls

Created by Battat Inc., Our Generation Dolls are identical to the American Girl Dolls, they only differ in hair, articulations or, movement of the limbs, and price. An individual doll retails at $15 and you will find that their accessories are just as affordable. Our Generation Dolls are 4-5 times lower in price than the American Girl Dolls and the fact that you have to be gentle when brushing the hair on the Our Generation Dolls and that their limb movement is limited, it is still a better bargain.

The Next Level Of Learning And Playing

The primary reason that these three toys are trending is because they work as an outlet for girls aged 9-11. The combination of these and You Tube helps them to work through the issues that most in that age bracket experience and it also exercises their imaginations and strengthens their socialization skills,taking learning and play to the next level.


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