Top Ten Worst Places for a First Date

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This is good information for any guy, or girl, planning a first date. Let us assume you are over the age of 18 and thus not needing the accompaniment of an adult driver. You want to be sure your date not only has an enjoyable time, but remembers you favorably because of it. This is a list of the WORST places to take a date.

Top Ten Worst Places for a First Date

Your Local Bar or Pub. Because it's “local” you may run into people either of you know. This interruption will interfere with your time together, and may even have negative effects if either of you are asked about a former partner. At any local hang out it is easy for these other acquaintances to start up small talk, thus pulling you away from each other. It is hardly “Special”,

A Trendy Bar or Night Club. This is not a good idea because your date may be approached by other people. Often these people are intoxicated and will not respect personal boundaries. This is especially dangerous for men on the first date, because you do not want to hear yourself say “she's mine, back off”. On a first date, she is definitely NOT “yours”. The noise level makes conversation difficult, save this for a future date, but do not go here on your first.

Movies or Plays. This should be a given for a bad first date. The very nature of movies and plays disallows interaction with your date. The only time this should be considered on a first date is if you have dinner prior, and a bite to eat afterwards. Pick the movie/play carefully.

Concerts. So, you've managed to acquire tickets to a “sold out” concert. Now your thinking this is the perfect opportunity to get together with your dream girl or guy, well, if they did not go out with you before hand, and now they will, it is probably because of the tickets and not you. You are setting yourself up for a long line of being used for his/her personal enjoyment. With concerts you open yourself up for a range of disasters, from people hitting on your date, to your date being an overly obsessive fan. The concert is generally going to be more memorable than yourself.

Sporting events. If your favorite team loses, the date will have a sour note. You are not really getting to know each other while watching two teams battle it out on the playing field. At any rate this is about the players, not the two of you. I should not have to explain to you why a Monster Truck Rally is not a good first date.

A family event. There is no way a first date should be brought to your family reunion, your sisters wedding or your nephews' first birthday party. These events are awkward and boring at best, plus your date will be asked over and over, how long they have known you. As well, work, church, and other social events should be avoided as first date invitations.

The Beach. Both of you may be very self conscious, again worthy of a date location further on, but this is not a good first date location.

The Mall. This is not even a location, but rather a hangout for people who do not know what else do to. Any time you are put in front of a store you are put in the uncomfortable position of possibly feeling compelled to buy something for the other person, especially if you are the one who suggested going to “the Mall” as a location.

Private Places. Your house, or anywhere a date may not feel comfortable is not a good idea for a first date.

Casino or Race Track While you both might enjoy a gamble, this is not an appropriate first date. If one wins and one loses it may make for an awkward feeling, also your attention is focused on something other than each other.

Dating Tips to Consider

Plan on something you both can enjoy, do not try to upstage your date with your knowledge, this is not a time for you to be showing off. This is a time to have fun and get to know each other. Offer your date a choice, this allows you to see what they like or don't like, and allows them to pick what they would be more comfortable with doing. I have given you some good ideas, you can come up with more on your own.

Good dates are usually ones where you can focus on fun and each other. Bad dates are ones where the attention is off yourselves or the fun is dependent on an outside force (eg. Your team winning the Football game). Places that do not allow conversation between you and your date are not going to be good for first dates.

Always allow a quick way out of a bad date. If a date is not going as planned you need to have a back up plan or way out. A good date plan eliminates risks like drunk people spoiling your time, or screaming children in the background. You will notice that all the good date destinations allow you to move away from problem areas and you are not confined to one spot.

Of course there are exceptions to any of these, but that is why they are called exceptions. Have fun, and I sincerely hope that this information will allow you have a good memorable time.


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author avatar justinkh
5th Jul 2010 (#)

Haha I once took a date to a sporting event and another to a movie. The sporting event went fine since it was baseball and allowed a lot of time to talk but the movie was kind of awkward since like not a single word was spoken throughout the 2 hour movie

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author avatar Sourav
10th Jul 2010 (#)

I agree with your points. Very entertaining read and useful info for the lovers! :)

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