Top Ten Best Places for a First Date

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This is valuable information for any guy, or girl, planning a first date. Let us assume you are over the age of 18 and thus not needing the accompaniment of an adult driver. You want to be sure your date not only has an enjoyable time, but remembers you favorably because of it. Let us deal with the worst places first.

The Top Ten Places for a First Date

Carnivals and Amusement Parks. As long as you understand the difference between a “date ride” and a “with your friends ride”, these are perhaps one of the best places for a first date. They offer pure joy and entertainment. Stay away from the white-knuckle rides and those with long lines. By sticking to the simpler rides you can have a good time with loads of smiles.

A Zoo or Botanical Garden. The appeal of either is that you can walk around or sit and talk, allowing for a bit of both throughout your date. You are given plenty of opportunities to discuss your personal interests and things you like. Both of you can feel relaxed and more “childlike” at a Zoo. There is no need for formality.

Museums. Make sure you know enough about your date to be certain this is appropriate. There are many kinds of Museums, including Art Galleries, Museums of Natural History and Science Museums. The latter may be a good choice because the interactive displays allow for some interaction and silly times.

A Nature Hike. This is a great opportunity to talk and get to know each other without distractions. Do not climb a mountain or anything too extreme, keep it simple and make sure its in a well used public park so your date does not feel uneasy about being in a remote area. Make sure you go slowly on the walk, throw stones, and enjoy yourselves. Combine this with the next suggestion.

Picnic in the Park. You have to plan ahead, make the lunch (find out if your date has any allergies or food preferences), and bring the blanket, this could be coupled with a walk or a boat rental ride. For the guys, this is a great opportunity to show off your culinary skills, if you don't have any, I suggest you get some. You can often find old style picnic baskets at thrift stores, which adds a bit of a romantic touch.

Free Outdoor or “in the Park” Concerts. In contrast to other concerts mentioned above, these concerts can be a good date. You are not committed to staying in your seat because of ticket price, allowing you to go to a quieter spot if you wish to talk with the music as background ambiance. Yet, still feeling like you are in a public space where you and your date will feel safe.

Ice Skating. Presuming you have a place to do this, and both of you can actually skate. This can be a fun winter date, make sure you can take your date for hot chocolate or dinner afterwards. Time this so there are not a lot of teens or children are on the rink.

Bowling, Golf, or other light sports. Not team sports, or anything overly competitive. Something fun and easy, that both of you can do. If you are really good, or obsessive about winning, and your date is not, then this is NOT a good first date. It is only acceptable if both of your skills are at par with each other.

Festivals. This could be an Art Festival, Renaissance Festival, Food Festival, or anything. These are great because they are fun, unusual, and will provide a memorable time.

Canoe Rental. Assuming you both like the outdoors, this can be fun, it is at the bottom of the list because it does not allow for much face to face time, as one will be always looking at the back of the others head. However, in combination with a picnic in the park, this can be a nice special date.

Things to Consider when Planning a First Date

Plan on something you both can enjoy, do not try to upstage your date with your knowledge, this is not a time for you to be showing off. This is a time to have fun and get to know each other. Offer your date a choice, this allows you to see what they like or don't like, and allows them to pick what they would be more comfortable with doing. I have given you some good ideas, you can come up with more on your own. Good dates are usually ones where you can focus on fun and each other.

Bad dates are ones where the attention is off yourselves or the fun is dependent on an outside force (eg. Your team winning the Football game). Places that do not allow conversation between you and your date are not going to be good for first dates.

Always allow room for escape. If a date is not going as planned you need to have a back up plan or way out. A good date plan eliminates risks like drunk people spoiling your time, or screaming children in the background. You will notice that all the good date destinations allow you to move away from problem areas and you are not confined to one spot.

Of course there are exceptions to any of these, but that is why they are called exceptions. Have fun, and I sincerely hope that this information will allow you have a good memorable time.

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