Top 7 secrets of happy married life

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This article is all about sharing the 7 top secrets to lead a happy married life.Though educated ,many people unfortunately fail in their marriage life.Come let us see how some few useful tips could help in preventing two hearts from breaking!

Top 7 secrets of happy married life


A marriage is a beautiful bond made to lead a happy life and to fulfill our needs of finance, mental support, reproduction of heirs and to have a meaning or reason to live. But many people go in for divorce very easily not exactly knowing what they do. And they give up so easily. Nowadays the rate of divorce is high all over the world... When analyzed... in most of the cases, it might be the ego or small misunderstanding or difference in opinion have been the silly reason for the application of divorce of at least 50% of the couples... Let us discuss some of the things which are practical, if implemented honestly in many cases couple can lead a better life.

1. Say sorry

Most of us are so dominative and egoist that we think it’s our prestige issue to say sorry to anyone… And by saying sorry to our life partner, I don’t think we are degraded in any way. Be honest and analyze any quarrel between you and your partner. If the root cause is you, there is nothing wrong to apologize. The word sorry will do magic. It is the immediate first aid to be done to your partner if he/she is angry… Every time, if you think you have done a mistake or your partner might have made a mistake which had been the reason for the fight. It’s ok if you really want a solution and peace of mind, just go ahead and say sorry to your life partner and admit that it was your mistake and you will find your partner saying sorry to you and admit that it was his/her mistake. The next time if there is any problem… your partner will come forward to say sorry by himself/herself. So remember this magic word “sorry” every time there is a petty quarrel between you and your partner .The word sorry would save both of you from ending up in a big mess.

2. Say thank you

Every day we receive help from our life partners in many ways. I wonder how many of us thank them in return. Earning to win bread, cooking for the family… taking care of the family members, maintaining the house all might be the responsibility of every husband and wife. But every husband whenever he finds his wife cooking him a favorite dish or taking extra care by waiting for him till midnight, giving a party to his friends, he can always thank his wife… And every wife if her husband buys her a new gift or taking her for an exciting outing can always thanks him every time. These are some examples. Every time when we feel our life partners take care of us, a special care, extra care, we can stop for a moment to say thank you. This will definitely make them happy.

3. Give them importance

We give importance to so many things in our life… our studies, career, personality, profession, health and wealth. All right, after marriage our life partner plays a vital role in our life. When we take a decision about anything in daily activities, we should always discuss with our life partners and get their opinion. It will not only make them happy but also you might find positive and negative opinion or more ideas regarding your decision. If your life partner is sad or afraid about any problem,just say that you are always there for her/him and not to worry about anything when you are there to help him/her.This will make them secure and give confidence to face any challenge.Giving importance to our life partners in your major and minor decisions is essential, after all your life partners are keener on your development than anyone in this world.

4. Admire them

Our life partners might have lots of good qualities in them. A wife may be so beautiful. A husband might be excellent in his profession. A housewife might be excellent in cooking. A husband might be a good artist. Every time when anyone sees an admiring quality in her/his life partner he /she should come forward to admire them honestly. This is a magical essence which binds a strong relationship between couples.

5.Stop finding fault instead Rectify it

Not every human being is born with perfect attitude or character or implementing activities. Let us all keep that in mind. Whenever the life partners, commit a mistake immediately getting angry, shouting at them in tension is not going to give us a solution. Instead it will make things worse and life miserable. Instead if life partners are mature enough to first explain the loss due to his/her act and how he/she would have done better and encourage them hoping he/she would outperform the next time when she /he faces the same situation. This would not only make the life partner comfortable but also make them feel secure with you.

6. Be loyal

Being loyal always to life partners will help couples to feel secure and perform their duty or any task with happiness and peace. Lying or hiding anything from partners will keep them doubt or lose hope which will always bring trouble. Whatever might be the situation even if he/she has committed a sin which is against their life partner, if he/she could admit it, their partner will try to forgive and always have faith in their life partners leading a peaceful life.

7. Forget and forgive on the same day

If at all there is a problem between couples, a small dispute, a misunderstanding, a petty quarrel, they should try to forget it on the same day. The quarrel should not be carried forward for the next day. A couple should keep a deal that if any problem arises due to any reason… arguing, fighting, resolving all should be done on the same day and let them apologize in the night. Let this scene get over on the same day. The next day should be a fresh one with normal routine. The previous day’s argument should not affect the day. If this becomes a habit of the couple, there will not be any barrier between the two.


In extreme cases of abnormal couples of physical or mental disabilities or other major problems, the above points may not be a solution. The above mentioned points are some useful tips for a couple leading a normal life. If they don’t practice these things in their daily life at present, they should try to implement it now in order to lead a beautiful life with peace and happiness.


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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
29th Jul 2013 (#)

..and how about massaging your loved ones feet before you sleep!!! thank you Roja....a lovely page

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author avatar Roja Meeran
30th Jul 2013 (#)

Yeah sure..good one... many little things not added..thanks for sharing for viewers..Thanks Carolina

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author avatar Randhir Bechoo
30th Jul 2013 (#)

Lovely,top 7 secrets.Simple but effective.

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author avatar Roja Meeran
31st Jul 2013 (#)

thanks Randhir

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author avatar Trillionaire
31st Jul 2013 (#)

Awesome list. Great write.

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author avatar Roja Meeran
31st Jul 2013 (#)

thanks a lot Trillionaire

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