Top 7 Parenting Styles

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Do you know the difference between attachment and tiger parenting? The field of parenting is full of theories, here are the top 7.

Parenting Styles

Do you know the difference between attachment and tiger parenting? The field of parenting is full of theories, here are the top 7.

Top 7 Parenting Styles

Attachment Parenting
In attachment parenting your baby's needs are put above everyone else. Physical bonding, like carrying your baby in a sling rather than using a pram, feeding on demand, never leaving your baby to cry and co-sleeping are all part of this style of parenting. The goal is to look for cues to understand when your baby needs to sleep, eat or play.

Baby-wise Parenting
Popularised in the UK by Gina Ford, babywise is parent-led parenting. The needs of the baby are understood and imposed by the parent. Sort of the opposite of attachment parenting, a strict schedule is developed and adhered to. The idea is that babies like routine and will fall into sleeping through the night quite early on.

Free Range
Free range parents entrust their children to walk to school, ride bikes and go outside unsupervised. Their view is that the world is safe and danger and worry is stifling. The idea is to prepare the child for the real world instead of sheltering.

Helicopter Parenting
Helicopter Parenting, also known as hyper-parenting rarely let their children out of sight. The intention is to preserve their childhood, keeping them out of harms way.

Minimalist Parenting
Minimalist parenting is about doing less and enjoying family time more by living authentically. This kind of parenting is the opposite of the families that enrol their kids in eight classes a week. It's about encouraging children to play and relax.

No Rescue Parenting
This type of parenting means allowing kids to make mistakes even when a parent could have helped. It gives the children space to figure out their actions and consequences. This has been recommended as a way of teaching your child the importance of personal responsibility.

Tiger Parenting
Tiger Parents believe that their children are capable of great things and set very high expectations. They are strict and may demand academic excellence. By parenting through fear and respect they believe they will get the best abilities out of their children.


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