Top 5 Possible Valentine Activities

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Just in case you haven’t felt it yet on social media, a whole new countdown just started - the countdown to Valentine’s Day. After everyone else has saved up for splurging for the holidays, the next event everyone is preparing for now is that other red letter day. It mattered, sure, but it’s obviously another excuse for consumerism.


Spending habits notwithstanding, just do it for your loved one in case you are a relationship. You are free to read this article even if you’re not in a relationship as long as you still have enough time to catch up. So read along with the rest of the attached couples.

- Serve the breakfast you cooked in bed

Sounds cliche until you realize how some days don’t get spent enjoying mornings together. When was the last time that you were together in bed but not pressured to get up for the day’s work? Consider this a break from the conventional “Wake up, honey. We’d be late for work” routine.

Cooking it yourself also serves a reminder that eating at home is still better than eating outside. It’s not the food anymore but the effort poured in preparing it. No expensive breakfast at some fancy restaurant can even duplicate that.

- Shop for underwear together

Not many people like this because they think it ruins the surprise. I know a friend who went to Marks & Spencer to buy a box of t-backs and some g-strings. At first her boyfriend was shocked at what she did. But it really got his imagination going the moment he saw the pieces of underwear that she bought. Everyone likes a nice tease but not everyone acknowledges it. There’s a shock factor that forces the shocked person to think. It keeps the relationship spicy, interesting and unpredictable in a good way.

- Shower together

Don’t do this not because the water bill got jacked up. The idea about showering together in order to save water is a lie. You don’t save water. You end up using more water because you end up washing more stains. But you can possibly save on bubble bath or body wash. Be each other’s scrubber by rubbing each other with the liquid soap. And I don’t mean hands. Rub your chest against your partner’s back for example. Then rub your chests against each other. No hands, more heat generated in anticipation of the nookie afterwards.

- Go public in private

If you already share a pad together, send your househelp to her day-off. Just the two of you in the house to fuck like there is no tomorrow. Make her sit beside the sink for example then put her legs on top of your shoulder then hump her real good. Then lie down on tops of the dining table and let her hump you. Hopefully no voyeurs unless you feel like going exhibitionist. The idea of being watched occasionally produces premature ejaculations. When some pundits mentioned about painting the town red, they might have stained the whole house first.

- Try giving your partner an edible underwear

You’re going to eat each other anyway so putting food to complement the dessert would be sensible anyway. Playing with food while having sex is not always recommended anyway. Imagine the kind of stuff you end up leaving in each other’s nether regions that should not have been there. That’s why some edible underwear became available so it would mean less hassle for couple that would like to go adventurous but wanted to test the waters first.

As you may have noticed, all tips ended up going straight to the sex. Sex is still an activity after all. Unless your idea of maximizing Valentine’s Day is going platonic, then these tips apply to you as well. Less worries about gifts too. Gifts are nice but maintaining a relationship still takes the cake. So enjoy Valentine’s Day and pick your favorite whoopee spot. Just don’t forget to like my official Facebook page, Kuya Manzano Fan Club. Glad to be of help.

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author avatar SaigonDeManila
3rd Feb 2015 (#)

Wow Mr.Manzano you are on a roll today exclamated by valentines article! Two thumbs up Pare!

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author avatar KuyaManzano
3rd Feb 2015 (#)

hehe. TY :-) just giving out some ideas. hoping someone puts them to practise. perhaps you po?

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