To find out if the child has age-appropriate speech or not, you can check here.

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Parents are sometimes confused because at a certain age child can not speak. This makes the parents asked if the condition is relatively normal or even indicate a disorder.

Children Under Age Speech

Here are the stages of speech and language development experienced by the child as follows:


Speech and language development:
- Cooing (irregular sound).
- Going back to the source of the sound or stop crying when I heard the sound.
- The presence of eye contact to follow the movement of objects.

Stimulation can be given:
- Speaking in infants with full attention.
- Using intonation interesting.
- Communicate eg play-boo or sing while doing. joint activities such as meals, bathing or changing diapers ..


Speech and language development:
- Babbling or repetition of the same syllable as "mamama" or "Bababa".

Stimulation can be given:
- Respond to your baby babble issued.
- Use short sentences with a slow tempo and 1 language.


Speech and language development:
- Recognize own name.
- Understand simple instructions like bye kiss or "dagh-dagh" first word as much as 5-6 words.

Stimulation can be given:
- Provide a sign on each action.


Speech and language development:
- Understand 10-20 words including the names of people.
- Mention the name of an object from a photo or image.
- Start using that phrase consists of two words.
- Begin expressed his desire like 'ask' or 'candy'.
- Being able to ask the simple sentence such as 'where the ball?'.
- Using non-verbal language such as pointing, humming.

Stimulation can be given:
- Provide word repeated.
- Describe what your child is being watched.
- Provide praise.


Speech and language development:
- Understand simple questions and commands.
- Understand the broader instruction.
- More use of the amalgamation of two words and using longer sentences (3 words).
- Children pointed to himself by name.
- Start using negative words such as 'no go' or 'do not'.
- Understanding of at least 50 words.
- Survive to follow activity for 6-7 minutes.

Stimulation can be given:
- Expanding the use of new words.
- Clarify the meaning of a word by using body language and intonation.
- Using a simple conversation.
- Stimulate the child with a simple question and then wait for a response from the child for 10 seconds.
- Reading books with repetitive phrases and simple.
- Giving the game with instructions such as 'Hold your nose' or other body part.


Speech and language development:
- Understand the vocabulary 400-800.
- Able to name the front.
- Can merge between verbs and nouns.
- Able to call 7 member body.
- Begin to distinguish the goods or part by its function as 'which has wheels' or 'that which can be used to eat'.
- Can understand the concept of big and small.

Stimulation can be given:

- Read the story and answer the simple question.


Speech and language development:
- At least be able to mention one color.
- Often when playing or talking while alone.
- Can tell a simple story.
- Can use 3-4 sentences.
- Understanding a sentence like 'Try point where the stars'.
- Understand the vocabulary 900-1500.
- Using the question as to why and what.

Stimulation can be given:
- Start using a sentence consisting of 3-4 words.
- Talking about daily activities.
- Playing with their peers.


Speech and language development:
- Understanding the vocabulary 1500-2000.
- Understand the word if, due or anyone.
- Uses 4-5 words in a sentence.
- Start using the language structure tidy.
- Provide a clearer articulation.
- Able to follow 2-3 step commands.

Stimulation can be given:
-Visiting a zoo or a show.
-Talk to the sentence or read a longer story.


Speech and language development:
- Understand the vocabulary 2500-2800.
- Defines an object based on its function.
- Sometimes still confused between yesterday, first or tomorrow.
- Ability to exchange information, to answer the phone and connect the story.
- Uses 5-6 words in one sentence.

Stimulation can be given:

- Listen to what the child said.
- Provide opportunities for children to express their feelings.


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