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A few tips to help your kids study. There are so many modern distractions to make your kid stop doing work and end up on a site like Facebook.


I am guilty of it. Studying then popping on to a site like Facebook just to see what is up, then before you know it an hour has gone. You think to yourself "I have done some work, I rewarded myself". 20 minutes of work for an hour of Facebook? Sound right? I used to lie to my parents after spending hours on games and saying "I had done hours of revision". They believed me. My grades didn’t!

I knew that I could do better. Self-discipline came in and I whipped myself into shape. Here are some tips to make sure you kids can achieve their potential as the digital age is getting all more advanced.


Try to limit the amount of work they do on the computer. I tried to do all of my work on the computer and as a result my handwriting really suffered. When it came to exam time I took more time writing the answer that it took me to think of an answer to make sure the examiner could read it.

When they go on sites make sure they are ones that help with their education. And make sure you can track what they go on. Use tracking software. One thing I would think about doing is having a Work/Family computer and then give them their own to do what they want with. Say you must do all your work on the Work computer, so you can see what websites they are going on (You can even block websites like Facebook or bebo on this so they can’t get any distractions) and see how they are working. Then on their own one, say this is yours, do what you want with it. And on this one you install nothing. You can link them so if they do work on the Work one it is also saved to their own one. On their one they can install as many games as they want, go on whatever websites they want. I say this because I had my own computer where I could do what i wanted, and i also had to my work on. It was all too easy to open up a game website or go on Facebook without my parents not ever knowing.


It is important over the holidays to sit down with your kid and decide what needs to be done. Sit down with them and decide what you are going to do on every day. For example "28th - Do the maths review questions on page 65" Then they have to tick a box. This helped me so much as time was going down the drain in Holidays wasting it on games, friends and Facebook. They will get the self-satisfaction of ticking this box, you can also back this up using sweets, time out, a new computer game. This can also be changed into targets, it would be important for these to be separate from school one but will help towards those ones.

Communication and Trust

This is key if you are going to find out if things are going to plan. You have build up trust and make sure that they know that you only make them do these things for their own good and they can do their best. Days out, family bonding experiences are key. Dinner together and not in separate rooms are all important. You need to be able to speak to them openly and them back to you. My mum didn’t do this, my dad did. I can tell my dad everything my mum not. My dad came and sat by my bed every night and said goodnight. This was important to me as a son and should be to you too. However when it came to either of my parents I could lie about how much work did. I never let them look thought my books as they would see a lack of work. Make it clear that you want to be a part of it and again want to help them. And that they can trust you with any problems they have like things to do with growing up or school.


As I said with lists it is important to reward you kid. However I think the best way is to reward small then at the each of each "Big" list get them to research what they want and get that, and over the years they will learn to ask things that will be of more to use to them, more than new toys Cool gadgets for kids

I changed

I do not want you kids to make the same mistakes as I did. And I know that a lot of my friends made the same mistakes as I did. It is too easy to go on Facebook and waste time. Let them do that in their own time and not in their study time. I REALLY want to stress how easy it is. Waste time, ruin your education. Like I did!

I feel it is also important not to limit what children buy. If I wanted something I would research it then basically present it to my dad, why I wanted it, what it did ect. Then I would give him the funds and in return I got his card. I ALWAYS asked him first and never did anything bad. As I knew that if I did it again I had no way of getting what I wanted. Also I used to play games like Roller coaster tycoon which was fun and had a lot to do with money and how to manage it. I would advise that you get your kid to grasp the concept of money early on.

Good luck :) Jonny out.


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
20th Dec 2010 (#)

good tips, I find listening to music to have been very helpful when I was younger.

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author avatar D in The Darling
21st Dec 2010 (#)

I like this! My children have memorised lots of songs and movie clips and in turn, they find it simple to memory school stuff and recall very easily! Nice article!

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author avatar Denise O
21st Dec 2010 (#)

All great ideas. I am so glad facebook was not in my kids lives as teens. They're now 25 and 28.
It was bad enough with just having a computer as a distraction, let alone facebook.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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