Tips on how to prepare the perfect date

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One should therefore take charge of their thoughts and be in charge, getting worked up before the date may make it a disaster.

Tips on how to prepare the perfect date

A Perfect Date? this is what every individual would like to have, the anxiety and excitement can mess up an individual on their first date and ruin that intriguing moment of their life. Preparation is key when it comes to dating, saying the right words and proper etiquette are some of the ingredients required for a perfect date.

1. Having the right frame of mind is an important tool one must always be equipped with, remember it is just a date that does not mean that one has to worry and get stressed about the date. One should therefore take charge of their thoughts and be in charge, getting worked up before the date may make it a disaster. One should therefore be calm and act normal, be their normal self.

2. The clothes have to be perfect, choosing what to wear for a date is a tough task but with a little bit of creativity it is possible to choose the appropriate clothes that will be a perfect choice. One should choose their outfit way before the time for going to the date, last minute choices may make one look off. It is also wise to have three more outfits as a backup plan, in case one has to change.

3. The perfume or cologne used should not be too strong, this may put off the other person, it is good to keep a low profile, save the strong perfumes for later date opportunities.

4. Getting to know the venue of the date prior to the day is a wise thing to do, if one can go to the venue and check it out and also get familiar with the place, then this will help them calm down those nerves experienced by people who go for first dates.

5. Being nervous is inevitable but one can tone down by doing high energy things like dancing, jogging or exercises will help someone be calm before the date time and they will be totally calm come the time for the date.

6. An individual should think about the flow of conversation, having a few topics in mind is a good way of breaking the silence that looms around on first date. It is safer to talk about current issues, one should avoid talking too much about themselves or asking too many questions either.

7. Cleaning up before for the date is important, taking a long shower will help one get mentally prepared for the date. Personal grooming is very impressive, getting a hair cut or the hair styled up for the date is a good way of preparing for the date. Remember one must look good and smell fresh too. The first impression will be a lasting one so a visit to the salon is a brilliant idea before going for a date.

The person should also remain confident but not too confident. No one wants to have a date who is very timid and is quiet, conversation has to keep flowing all through and this will also ease the tension experienced on first dates. It is also important to have proper table manners, avoid talking loudly, or the use of foul language when on a date as every action will count.


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