Tips on How to Become Responsible

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We have responsibilities for our family, friends, country, God, etc. which we are obliged to do. Here are some tips on how you can become a responsible person that you want to be:

How to Become Responsible?

When I was a teenager, one of the things I most want to prove is that I was responsible. I want the old an to trust me with his ride. I want somebody else’s old man to trust me with his daughter. Then I got out of school, got a job, tried to prove to my boss that I can handle more responsibilities. I will get a wife one of these days, someone I can rely on, someone who’ll rely on me. Then, of course, come kids and a whole new set of challenges.

One day, I noticed that my parents weren’t a young couple anymore. They’re old. They need my help too. And now I take hold of this question on my head: “How the hell did and will I wind up with all these responsibilities?”

Like a lot of men who waited until their 30s to start families, I’m part of what I call as the Sandwhich Generation. Or, in other words, I’m the guy who has to earn the money, pay the taxes, make the decision, plan for the future. And I’ll have to keep doing that, most likely, for a good 20 years more – until I’m no longer a young man.

Like any other men, I look at my life and wonder: When, exactly, am I going to find time just for myself, without all the responsibilities?

Well, we cannot really get out from responsibilities but we can do something to seize little pieces of time for ourselves. Just a little quality time except without kids, the wife, the parents, the boss or the accountant along would do the thing.

I have some pieces of advices on how to become responsible. I got them from my father whom I consider as my best counselor.

1. Get Better.

Get better at your job, at your hobbies, at your business, or at whatever it is that you do. Keep working at it, improving it, tweaking it. I like to think I do that, that I try to make every action that I take better than the last. Satisfaction is something I expect at the end of my life, not in the middle of it.

2. Keep Learning New Things

I make a point of learning one new sport or activity every year. I’ve been to Taekwondo training, badminton school, voice lesson, guitar lesson and a lot more. Just this year, I started writing in Triond.

3. Keep Yourself Challenged

If the job’s gotten easy, look for new duties. Set higher goals. Or quit and try something new.

4. Whatever you do, don’t try to run away.

You can run but you cannot hide from your responsibilities. It’s better to carry your responsibilities then be satisfied with your life than to carry the guilt from running away from it.

I know that you fantasize to give an end to your responsiblities. I fantasize that too. But, we’ve got all these responsibilities in part because we’re a solid responsible persons. Leave it all and move to paradise and, believe me, you’ll be worrying over the decreasing production of your rice field and the leak in the thatched roof of your Nipa Hut.

Finally, enjoy life, Enjoy while doing your responsiblities. Someday, you’ll soon wake up and find yourself a very happy responsible person.

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