Tips on How to Avoid Rape

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Rape is the major abuse girls suffer these days. The fear and shame of being scorned by their peers forces the victims to keep to themselves. I did some research and observations and came up with the most effective Tips to avoid Rape! Believe me, it worked for me!

Tips on How to avoid Rape

· Don’t go clubbing with a total stranger. If you must, make sure one of your friends knows him

· Don’t stay out late unless you got company

· Look out for the tell-tale signs of drug addictions (itching, restlessness, sniffing and etc). Most Drug addicts act on impulse. They have the tendency of doing the unimaginable.

· Avoid going to guy’s house on your first date

· Watch out for date rape drugs. Open your own drink or rather keep your eyes open while he pours your drink.

· Don’t get drunk. Getting drunk is the easiest way to get raped.

· Avoid lonely driveways and sub ways at night

· Don’t trust a stranger

· Avoid leaving your doors open at night.

What to do few minutes before rape occurs; few tips on how to escape rape

. Don’t fight the rapist. It will only get worse if you do

. Relax. Pretend as if you are interested in getting down with him. They are always edgy, try the talk thing.

· If it didn’t work out, excuse yourself. Go to the bathroom, turn on the shower and place a quick call to 911

Most guys are always remorseful after the rape act. This is because they were beclouded by hormones that calms down as soon as it’s over. So you can sit it out the bathroom till he calms down

. Lock yourself in the bathroom till morning if need be or better still come out quietly when he’s asleep and sneak out of the house.


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author avatar Songbird B
15th Jun 2011 (#)

Sound advice...Drinking to excess is usually the worst culprit as all judgement is then flawed..Good article, Honor..

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author avatar honor
15th Jun 2011 (#)

Thanks a lot songbird

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author avatar Denise O
16th Jun 2011 (#)

Great tips. Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar saurik
19th Jun 2011 (#)

This is like giving the meat to the cat and telling it not to eat it.
Believe me, that wont help it unless the rapists are punished by the authorities.

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author avatar C
7th Jul 2011 (#)

i apologize in advance if i offend you with my comments, but this article is bogus. i mean yes obviously don't go out with strangers and don't put your drink down when you're out... both great tips to avoid getting raped. but, did you know that 90 percent of rapes in the United States are completed by an acquaintance? let me tell you what happened to me. i was out with my roommates, went home, one of my roommate's friends came home with us, a guy i knew. never expected there to be any issue with the situation, but let me tell you.... months later i'm paying for it.

so thanks for the obvious advice that would held the ten percent who get raped by a total stranger in a dark alley. for the rest of us, the onus lies not with the victim but with the attacker. rape, after all, is a crime of power- not one of love or lust

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author avatar J
8th Jul 2011 (#)

I do not apologize in advance if I offend you with my comments. "Don’t fight the rapist. It will only get worse if you do"? "Relax. Pretend as if you are interested in getting down with him. They are always edgy, try the talk thing"? Are you kidding me? Passivity is never the way to stop a rapist. Kick. Scream. Bite. If you don't fight, you will be RAPED and you will have to deal with the physical/emotional consequences for the rest of your life. If you do fight, you might stop the rape. Rapists cannot be reasoned with, nor do they deserve the chance.

Most rapists are not "remorseful" after rape. They are not "beclouded" by hormones before, during, or after rape. Their actions CANNOT be excused. They shouldn't be given the chance to "calm down." If you actually believe this stuff, then you've been severely misinformed and should not be spouting this flawed rhetoric to the masses.

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