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Mothers should not be confused first. No harm, accept their good advice, but you also need to be smart, respond to some other opinions, which is not necessarily true.

New Mom

After Little was born, there will be many people, who suddenly became 'teacher' you. Various opinions, feedback, and myths about parenting Little, both of the parents, in-laws, or the best friend, might confuse you. Mothers should not be confused first. No harm, accept their good advice, but you also need to be smart, respond to some other opinions, which is not necessarily true. Let's read the first important tips, to be a new mother who is intelligent

1. Live a strict routine
During the first few months, your baby will need to eat more frequently. That is why, he will continue to suckle, and naturally, if you find time to take care of themselves reduced. Initially, you may feel tired or stressed, these conditions. But, if you are smart enough set solid routine, you will get used to living it. Enjoy, and live for what it is.

2. Cut the nails baby while sleeping
Cut the baby's nails is not easy. It takes the right moment to do so. Many have argued that the baby's nails cut, can be done while he slept. However, quite a long time to wait for Little asleep, will waste time. Therefore, no need to wait for Little asleep, try to distract him, with toys, while cutting his nails. You can do it in one hand first, and the other hand in the future.

3. Too hygiene
Your baby's body resistance is still very low, so, it is very sensitive to the spread of germs and bacteria. However, that does not mean you have to clean the house all day. No need to overdo it. A recent study found that too protective of infant hygiene, can increase the risk of developing allergies or asthma. So, be reasonable.

4. Infants should not see a gadget or a TV screen before the age of five
Letting your baby for hours in front of the TV screen, it is not justified. However, if only at certain times, and not excessive, it could not hurt, take a few minutes, to take him to watch the video, which is in "smartphones", or together watching funny cartoons on television. Although only a short time, it can build your bonding both.

5. Babies need a bath every day
Bathing is an important part, of routine infant. However, do not worry, if the schedule bath Little had missed. Just clean the genitals, and anus of your baby.

6. Infants who are learning to walk, need shoes
When Little began learning to walk, do not rush to buy the shoes first. Let him explore the room by room in the house, with bare feet. It enabled him to study rests on the floor, and increasing preponderance, the foothold. Wait until he started confidently, with the ability goes, before putting on shoes.

7. Teething = stop breastfeeding
On average, babies start teething first since the age of six or seven months, or earlier. But when Little teething, does not mean you have to stop breastfeeding. You can still do it, even up to the age of two years. If you are breast-feeding with the correct technique, no need to fear Little will hurt your nipple.

8. Do not feel guilty
This is easier said, than done. Guilt, either because going back to work, or lack of confidence, in the care of Little, will always be there in the life of a mother. The fix is, by accepting your guilt, trying to pass, and realize, why, do you feel it. Remember! Guilt there because you care about Little.

9. Follow your instinct
When your baby cries, do what you think is right. In the end, you will know the maternal instinct, what advice to follow, and what to ignore.


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