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Do you have trouble staying awake while studying? If so, follow these guidelines for better results with those long study sessions.

How to stay awake while studying

Everyone knows how daunting and boring it is to force yourself to study. Trust me, I know. I would much rather be out with my friends raiding the clothing stores. But...that wont happen until my next life. For now, I must study my heart out to make sure I get good grades in college. If you are like me and find it a struggle to keep awake you are not alone.
Studying isnt fun and even if you are not tried you may still fall asleep because of this. So, How do we stay awake and make sure we get the job done as soon as possible?

Eat something

Before you start studying, always make sure you have food in your stomach. You should not be hungry because this will distract you, should also not be so full that you are sick and tired. Eat nutritious foods that will hold you over until the next meal but also allow you to have energy. Some examples of foods that will be good for studying are fruit, veggies, yogurt with protein such as Greek yogurt, peanut butter, nuts, smoothies, etc. College students often drink caffeine to stay awake and while this does keep you alert it is not healthy to do every day. So limit the java and cola to twice a week.

Stay hydrated

Drinking plenty of water will hydrate the body and the more hydrated you are the more alert you will be. If you do not like water try herbal teas, or flavored water but make sure it does not have added sugar and artificial ingredients.

Chew gum or suck on hard candy

Chewing gum or sucking on a lollipop can keep you awake because it gives you something to do and you will involuntarily keep chewing/sucking it. Experiment and find flavors that you like and they can become your new study buddy!

Turn off the heat

Ok this one may seem weird but it works. When you are cold you have a harder time falling asleep and when you are warm you get comfortable and go to sleep. If its winter, don't turn on heat, if its summer blast the AC. Make your environment as uncomfortable as possible so that way you wont be comfortable enough to sleep.

Set goals for yourself

Make a list of all the tasks you have to get done for that particular study session. If you know what it is you want to accomplish then you will have a better chance of getting it done without wandering off. Also, set a time limit for yourself. In most college courses you need to take the number of hours you are in class and times that by your credits. For example, if your class is 2 hours and you are taking 3 credits that means you will spend 6 hours per week which is like 2 hours a day studying. So try to study 3 days a week for 2 hours at a time.

Find a spot that works for you

Some people are more comfortable studying by themselves in their rooms. Others prefer to be at a library or school because they will stay awake when they are around people. Find out what you prefer and do it. Its really about choosing a spot that will feel good for you but also where you can still concentrate.

Background noise

Background noise whether it be music or just some type of sound can help improve concentration. If you decide to use music then you can experiment and find a genre that works for you. I like to listen to jazz or classical because they are boring enough to not be distracted but also the noise allows me to concentrate. You can also invest in a noise box which helps to block out noise. Amazon has some noise boxes that work well for tasks like studying.

Go to sleep

If all else fails, just go to sleep. If you try everything that there is and are still tired, then go to sleep. Try taking a 10 minute cat nap and see how you feel afterwards. If you are still tired then take an hour nap and see how you feel. If it is late at night and you are falling asleep just go to bed because chances are you wont remember anything anyway when you are dozing off.


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