Tips for Senior Citizens Living Alone

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Living alone can present a challenge when your family moves away or passes away. Your lifestyle can be enhanced by following a few good tips.

Tips for Senior Citizens Living Alone

Living by yourself has its advantages, whether it is self-imposed, the result of the death of a spouse or the occurrence known as empty-nest syndrome. Whatever the cause, it is a lifestyle that is often envied by those who have ongoing responsibilities to their loved ones living under the same roof.

Food Purchases

- Indulge yourself at times with a higher-priced food item. It is a small price to pay to achieve that "feel-good" mood. Cooking for one is far less expensive than cooking for two or five.

- At other times, seek out food bargains. Shopping at a low-overhead store will cost you up to half of your grocery bill compared with what you pay at a standard super market.

- You are no doubt accustomed to fixing large casseroles. Don't change. Freeze the leftovers and enjoy your creation two or three times over.

Household Chores

- Your home will be less cluttered and messy when you live alone. Take care to pick up after yourself to avoid having to do a complete overhaul every week.

- Use your dishwasher less often. This will save you time and money. It applies as well to your laundry chores.

- Be alert to the need for small repairs before they turn into larger projects.

- Do the distasteful jobs early in the day. Enjoy the leisure time that results.

Handling of Money

- It is possible that eating out once or twice a week can save you money if you live alone. Food waste at home costs money if you are sometimes forced to buy in bulk. We often have to discard celery, lettuce, fruit, even bread when it lies unused for too long.

- Lunch at a restaurant is far less expensive than dinner. Also, be on the lookout for early-bird specials at establishments that cater to senior citizens. Some fast-food restaurants serve free coffee to seniors. Take advantage of all that is offered.

- If you are retired, your need for new clothes should drop sharply. Stay away from shopping malls where you might be tempted beyond your strength. Avoid impulse buying wherever you may be shopping.

- Avoid using ATM's. The charges for this convenience can be surprising.

- It is prudent to continue building a savings account. Pay yourself first; then an unexpected bill will not cause you anguish.


- Of course, always make sure your doors are locked before leaving the house or going to bed.

- Avoid the use of ladders for household chores such as washing windows or hanging curtains. Ask a relative or handyman to take care of these more dangerous tasks.

- Make sure that smoke alarms are working. Have your home checked for radon contamination. Have car repairs done in a timely fashion to ward off accidents or inconveniences.

- Stay in contact by phone with relatives and friends. Ask your loved ones to call you frequently to assure themselves of your safety.

Add Excitement to Your Days

- Stay current with local and world news. Be with people.

- Plan your week so that it is filled with a variety of interesting activities; go to the movies, have lunch with friends, take a day trip to a nearby area you have wanted to visit, become a volunteer.

- Begin a new hobby - painting, dancing, glee club singing, swimming, reading, writing, photography. The advantages to your brain are self-evident.

Enjoy all that life has to offer. You now have the time to make choices about how you want to spend your days. Go for it!


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author avatar philpalm
13th Jun 2013 (#)

So many tips for senior citizens. My main tip is never take risks that would cause you to fall.

The cane comes in handy but it is not that stable. Use a walker if you are too unsteady to use a cane.

Beware of scammers. They prey on the old and charge high prices for a lot of things that is especially tailored for older victims.

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