Tinsel Or No Tinsel?

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Every Year I Say "No" To Tinsel On The Tree..Then I Always Change My Mind!

Is Tinsel Naff?

I have mixed feelings about tinsel. I mean, years ago, I would go on the obligatory Christmas Party from work and out came the tinsel, without fail. The thicker the better! One year I tied a huge garland of silver tinsel around my trilby hat thinking I looked really good. I didn't care then what people thought; I just did stuff with gay abandon!

Now, since I met John (my hubby) we went to good old Woolworth's years ago for some Christmas decorations as his were looking..well, dare I say it, a bit tatty. We got a huge supply for about £25 but it didn't include tinsel. It was all colour co-ordinated in gold with baubles, stars and the like. I keep meaning to replace them but there's no Woolies anymore so I can't! Nowhere sells decent Christmas decorations, or if they do, it's way too expensive, like £4 for one bauble or something.

At home I use the same (old) tinsel year upon year. I've just put the Christmas tree up and thought, "Mmm, I've got the lights on plus the decorations from Woolies, do I REALLY need a load of tinsel on there to complete the look?"

Obviously not..but I chucked it all on anyway. Why? The tree looked miles better without the tinsel so why spoil it? There is nothing I haven't placed on the tree, perhaps that's it? I don't want to leave the tinsel festering in the plastic bag, feeling lonely and neglected.

One thing's for sure, whenever we get round to decorating this house in the year 2025 or something RED is DEFINITELY the colour, especially carpet and perhaps some feature wallpaper. Why do I say this? Because the red tinsel looks ACE, that's why..so it does have a function after all!


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author avatar Denise O
15th Dec 2010 (#)

We have to use the tinsel. It's a family tradition.
Thank you Janey.:)

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author avatar Janey1966
15th Dec 2010 (#)

It's the same at Mum's. She has two trees but last year tinsel only went on one of them..and no-one really noticed! At least trees aren't banned by the government as a fire hazard, but give 'em time. It's rare you see them in workplaces now..even less so with lights. Such a shame. Thanks for commenting!

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author avatar TheMovieScene
16th Dec 2010 (#)

It's daft I really hate tinsel, I think it looks incredibly tacky, but a Christmas Tree without it looks bare but when you put it on it just cheapens the look. Damned if you do, damned if you don't, lol.

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author avatar Janey1966
16th Dec 2010 (#)

That's exactly what I mean. Looked at the tree without..it was fine. Looked at the lonely tinsel, felt sorry for it..so on it went. The tree isn't ruined but it doesn't look as good now!

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