Throwing Christians To The Wolves

Phil Jellerson By Phil Jellerson, 17th Sep 2013 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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Of all the religious sects Christianity seems to have the lowest esteem in the world. This article tells what it will come to if Christians don't change their voting habits.

Christians And Human Wolves

THIS ARTICLE will surely foster questions about the motives and actions of our government.

Christians understand that the lost world is full of enmity for Christianity but the fanatical Muslim rebels express and display a crazed hate for Christians. We will not now pursue that truth any further except to ask: Why is it that our government seems to always side with and assist hateful and murderous factions against Christianity?

The historical fact is that the Syrian Christian community was much freer and safer under the Assad regime than they are or ever will be under any rebel force. That being true why would America's government politically back and support a chaotic and lawless hodgepodge takeover? Being as transparent and honest as they are (joke) we'll probably never really know but one thing is certain – they are throwing Christians to the wolves.

What is really disturbing is that Christians in America are not far from being thrown to the wolves of oppression and persecution by our government and a complicit society. If I understand Bible prophecy correctly it very likely will degenerate into a genocidal attack on Christians. (Matthew 24:9 and Revelation 6:9-11) Genocide has happened in varying degrees throughout history.

This brings me to my passionate conclusion. CHRISTIANS MUST CHANGE THEIR VOTING HABITS. Primarily, we must STOP voting for politicians who have not and will not protect our rights of religious liberty and freedom of speech. Do you not know that our government is actively taking illegal and unconstitutional actions to silence Christians. They want to remove Christians from the American society.

Our only hope of changing the anti-Christian sentiment in America is through the ballot box – voting, or should I say, not voting. I humbly but urgently beseech all Christians NOT TO VOTE for any political candidate who has shown themselves to be immoral or anti-Christian. IF WE DON'T DO THIS WE HAVE NO HOPE OF CHANGE!


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author avatar Retired
17th Sep 2013 (#)

This was an interesting read, to say the least!


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
17th Sep 2013 (#)

In my area Christians display as much hatred for Muslims as they think Muslims feel for them. Ironic isn't it when you consider that Muslims are one of the few other religions who do believe that Jesus was real, and not a myth.

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author avatar C.D. Moore
17th Sep 2013 (#)

I agree with Mark.

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author avatar Phil Jellerson
18th Sep 2013 (#)

Thanks, Mark, for your comments. Just a couple brief comments to your comments, okay?

First, Christians who react in kind to their adversaries are not Biblical Christians. True Christians are to pray for and treat their enemies in a loving manner.

Second, Jesus was no myth. The apostles wrote of a real human being whom they practically lived with for three years.

All who perceive Jesus other than God in a human body will have great remorse when the stand before Him to be judged.

I don't say that for any other reason than to speak the truth of God's Word.

Have a great day and GOD BLESS...

Phil Jellerson

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author avatar Denise Salmon
17th Sep 2013 (#)

interesting post, thanks for sharing

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