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Some introductory thoughts regarding the background of Genesis, chapter one, and a right perspective on it as true history, and inspired by God

What are we to think regarding man's origin?

Carl Henry has said, “If evolution is true, man is at best a cosmic tramp, destined for oblivion. His belief that he is of personal importance and the ultimate animal on the scheme of this earth is ridiculous, since everything in the universe emerged from an unpredictable explosion and is headed for certain decay”. But if God is the creator of the universe and all that exists, and man has been made in His image, man does indeed have significance, value, and purpose.

What might our reasons be for studying Genesis 1-11?

1. In chapter 1, as we see the progression of God’s creative acts, it will be obvious that this account is not the handiwork of man.
2. We should marvel over and appreciate God’s wisdom in the creation sequence.
3. We can see that the creation sequence will not allow for the attempts to harmonize it with evolutionary thinking.
4. We will be introduced to the events and effects of the flood, proving that the flood was a world-wide flood, not a local one. Find my article: The Genesis Flood: Genesis 6&7.
5.We will see the beauty and simplicity of the Genesis account. When some of the other creation accounts are seen, they seem quite ridiculous.

"In the beginning, God...,."

“In the beginning, God” is the only thing that makes sense. Psalm 14 verse one tells us “The fool has said in his heart, there is no God.” In scripture, heart designates the emotion and will. Atheism is usually based on a combination of these two things. We understand the Bible to be a book from God, communicated by the Holy Spirit. There’s no attempt to prove the existence of God. The Bible assigns to all things an adequate cause, the God of the Bible. The existence of God is the first truth on which all truth depends. Accept God’s existence and the rest is not difficult. Deny it, and there is no basis for anything right, moral, virtuous, or beautiful.
That there is “existence” is something that can’t be denied. That existence is unexplainable apart from the operation of the power sufficient both to produce and to sustain it. This should be obvious to all who are honest and intelligent thinkers. We are content to believe that the God of the Bible is the “power” behind the existence of all things.

Inspired by the Holy Spirit, penned by Moses.

Our belief in the inspiration of the Bible is critical. Moses is believed to be the author of the book of Genesis. We don’t accept the theories of higher criticism that the Pentateuch, or the 5 books of the law, are the product of various writers or classes of writers. Henry Morris, in his book The Genesis Record, says,” Moses probably took actual written records of the past, collected them, and brought them together into a final form, as he was guided by the Holy Spirit.” There are those who claim that script did not exist in Moses’ day. Archaeology has proved this to be entirely false. Ancient clay tablets, found in numerous locations in the Middle East , were written in cuneiform, and were written before Moses’ time.” Albright tells us, “It is certain that the Hebrew alphabet was written with ink and used for everyday purposes in the 14th and 13th centuries B.C. Moses and the Exodus are dated about 1280 B.C.”

Genesis 1:1 is the foundational verse of the Bible.

. The book of Genesis itself is the Bible’s foundation, so it seems reasonable that the first 11 chapters of Genesis, which focuses on the beginnings of the nation of Israel. This verse refutes all man’s philosophies about the origin and meaning of the world: atheism, pantheism, polytheism, materialism, dualism, humanism, and evolutionism. Each one says that there is no personal, transcendent God, and some say that the universe is responsible for its own development.
The Bible is unique in that, while all other systems of religion or philosophy begin with pre-existing matter or energy of some sort, the Bible simply begins with the existence of God, who is responsible for the creation of all else. The religions and isms that came about later were an attempt to oppose or replace the Biblical account of God and His creation.
“IN THE BEGINNING” This phrase speaks of an absolute beginning of all things. This world had no existence before this time. ‘Beginning’ is used here in the absolute sense, and the term beginning signifies the beginning of time. God was outside it, and His work in starting the creation began this thing we call time.

Welcome to Genesis

Genesis is not myth or the creation of man's thoughts - not allegory or a fairy tale concocted to explain what we see around us. God's word inspired, to explain the creation and why we are here. It explains the predicament we are in because of the choices of Adam and Eve in regard to God's prohibition regarding the tree of knowledge of good and evil. And it gives the first promise of a solution to the problem in Genesis 3:15. Look for other articles I will be writing in the future on Genesis 1 - 11. Your comments are appreciated. Thank you!

All scripture quotations are from the New American Standard Bible.


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