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All parents want to protect her son from things that are not desirable. Without realizing it, many parents also tend to be overprotective on her. In fact, it tends to have a negative effect on children.

Children can feel that the world is not a safe place for them to socialize with other people.

All parents want to protect her son from things that are not desirable . Without realizing it , many parents also tend to be overprotective on her . In fact , it tends to have a negative effect on children .

Children can feel that the world is not a safe place for them to socialize with other people . Or the child may experience behavioral or emotional problems such as anxiety and fear . In fact , as adults , they tend to lack confidence and are not independent .

Conversely , not too overprotective parenting can actually make the kids ready for the challenges he would later hadapai . They became more courageous , competent , and confident when taking a decision . Well , quoted from Boldsky , Tuesday ( 05/11/2013 ) is a sign of her parents were overprotective of her son and daughter :

1 . Always supervise children
Overprotective parents will always supervise their children . Things like this will make children feel anxious . Children are always protected will draw the conclusion that the world is not safe until he would not dare take the chance to develop his abilities .

2 . Children feel depressed
Overprotective parents who can break the spirit of the child to play or do fun activities like their peers . This can make the child depressed . In addition , the perceived causes of depression can come from insecurity created in the minds of the child because the parents are too guard .

3 . Children tend not Pede
Overprotective parents will not allow their children to face a problem . All solutions tend to be a parent . Thus, children can not freely express their thoughts and feelings . This could lead to the child is not confident in his ability when faced with a problem that he encountered in the environment .

4 . Children feel low self-esteem
Children will not be left to face the challenges parents can develop their skills . In this way, the children feel that they can not be the same as their peers .

5. Children are not happy at home
The pressures of parents making child stress and free expression. This makes them less likely to be happy at home, and its growth can be disrupted. When plunging into the real world, we can be sure they will not be ready.

Therefore, parents should not be overly protective of their children. Supervision is to be done but that does not mean curb freedom of children to grow up, experimenting, berkespresi, and developing their potential.


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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
6th Nov 2013 (#)

I know one thing as a mother, I am protective of my child but will not allow the father to come near my son as he has proven to be have traumatised him in the past when I allowed him to spend time with him. In my case, I also asked the father to come online and speak with his child as he lives in a different state altogether, he refused to look at the child.
With regard to discipline, I just talk to my child and it works and far as protectiveness is concerned, I am protective and have every right to be so as the child is entrusted to me from the heavens Above and I am the only one along with the immediate family who can help him gain perspective on this planet. Its the true mark of being a parent and I am sorry, I have been through over-protective parenting but not to the point of detriment but to the point of being judicious in everything around and honestly, I laud my parents especially my father for this as he was protective of me right till the day of his passing.
Here is a fact, I rather be over-protective than spoil my child by rolling them in wealth and other unnecessary artifacts just because of a whim. I have seen the effects of such kind of lawless parenting very recently and I want no part of it. I would rather logically tell my child that I am like this and we cannot afford things rather than stealing peoples stuff to finance that child for prostitution and teenage what not that is presently rampant in this world.
Call me whatever, I rather be a good parent, knowing that my child is on the correct side of law, behaving himself and above all respected by ALL members of society for his upbringing and discipline.

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author avatar writestuff
6th Nov 2013 (#)

epriellia Interesting and informative post. Thanks for writing this article.

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author avatar epriellia
6th Nov 2013 (#)

I hope this article could be a benefit to the reader ....

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author avatar Retired
4th Dec 2013 (#)

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