Think for your toddlers and prevent accidents from happening

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how to prevent accidents in the home when you have toddlers

Pulling out drawers

Every mother with a toddler or two knows what it is like having busy toddlers, always scratching out, pulling out drawers, climbing up on things and hurting themselves. You do the best you can to prevent your young children getting hurt, but they still are busy little people who want to look into everything. Here are some things you can do that you my not have thought about.

Prevention is better than cure

• Keep toothpaste and hand cream out of their reach. Out of reach means on a top shelf where even if they climb on a table or chair they cannot reach it.

• Keep scissors, needles and sharp objects in a box they can’t open and keep it on top of the cupboard.

• If you have a gas stove be careful with toddlers and have a plastic shield fitted on the front of the stove to prevent a child from having long or big hair accidentally burned. This almost happened with my three year old grandchild.

• Don’t buy toys that have buttons on them, for instance a teddy bear with glass eyes. Toddlers put these objects in their mouth and they might swallow it or choke.

• Don’t leave crayons and small items of toys lying around on the floor.

• Tablecloths draped over big tables might be dangerous if the one year old pulls on it and plates tumble down on his head.

• Keep knives in a spot where the toddler cannot reach.

• Install a gate at the bottom of the stairs to prevent falls and so your toddlers don’t go upstairs and you can keep an eye on things while you work.

• Keep pills and ointments out of reach in a small little medicine box you can lock. A child with a vial of pills might think it is sweets and be curious to taste what it is and take dangerous medicine.

• Keep big toys like plastic scooters and toys with wheels out of the way.

• Keep chairs and things kids can climb on away from windows, dressers, and the stove.

• Two year old toddlers can understand what you are saying; tell them by word and by gesture to stay away from the hot water kettle and the stove.

• Don’t leave a toddler in a high chair without the child being properly secured with the seat belt.

• Don’t keep pesticides, detergents and cleaning fluids under the sink. Children play hide and seek in cupboards and might open the bottles out of curiosity. Remember, young children are curious. They open kitchen cabinet doors and drag out pots and pans which you can fall over. Think out of the box and prevent accidents from happening.


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