Things Women Worry About on Their Bodies That Men Don't Necessarily Care About in a Relationship

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5 things that men can do without in their women's bodies

Over-styled Eyebrows

You've seen the joke about women whose eyebrows look like they're sponsored by Nike. The joke is mostly being spread around by men. Men don’t understand why one has to have weird-shaped eyebrows. A simple trim to get off the straying growths should do.

Wearing Lipstick

As long as you do not have dry or chapped lips, that's all that matters. A dab of Vaseline would do, or a very basic lip balm. What color lipstick you’re wearing or what brand doesn’t really matter to men. Who wants to be left with lipstick marks every time we hug anyways!


As long as it's clean and not smelly, your hair is fine with your man. Men might differ on preference on women’s hair color or cuts, but if he chose you as you are, how you put your hair up every morning is not his concern. Leave it loose or tie it in a ponytail, you make the call.

Nail Paint Color

As long as you had a basic manicure and pedicure to get your hands and feet clean, really the length of your nails or the nail paint color doesn't make much difference to men.


I saw the size of your boobs when I approached you; don't try to change them now. I accepted them as they are, if you do anything to alter them then I will take it that you are trying to please other people


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7th Apr 2013 (#)

I liked this. You're right about men. We don't much care about those things. Nice article.

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