There is nothing like home

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Having a place that we can call home is one of the most important treasures we can have if not the most important one.

There is nothing like home

Long time ago when emailing didn't almost exist, I was writing some letters and at the time to write the addresses in the envelopes, I had this thought about the sender's address.
We usually wrote the receiver's name and address neatly so as the postman could understand it and it reached to its destination, but it wasn't the same when we wrote our own name and address. It seemed it didn't matter so long as the addressee's was right.
I don't know why, but I reflected for a little while, looking at my own name and address.
How important it is to have a home and, therefore, an address to write on one side of this envelope!
Without it, we'd be homeless and rootless. We'd be wandering about in places in search of a place to rest.
If we wanted to write to someone, where should they address their response?
This is a plea to join in the struggle to end homelessness
It gives us a pang when one walks in the streets seeing people sleeping in telephone booths or bank thresholds. They have no privacy. While they try to sleep on carton boxes, people walk past by them. They don't have the joy to get home to have a shower or a bath, a meal and to talk with whoever they are living.
A Madrid's former Mayor claimed that the streets were dirty because there were far too many people sleeping in them. It was disgusting to hear this from a person who was supposed to tackle this huge problem.
Some people may think that these people that have no home are misfits, drug addicts or alcoholics, but among them there are also families that have lost their homes unable to go on paying their mortgages.
What future lays ahead for these people if they have no home to arrive in it? And the homeless are growing in numbers worldwide.
If it's important and necessary to have a job it's also very important to have a home if not the most important. As a friend of mine said once having one's home is half a life.

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