The top 5 ways to prevent domestic violence

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There are those red flags sign that would yield to domestic violence. You can prevent domestic violence. Sometimes, it's up to you to control it.

Prevent domestic violence

Do not date the violent type

People don't just get killed, they get themselves killed is what I've heard from some doctors. I think this is true. You don't just get beat up, you get yourself beat up by putting yourself in the position where you can get beat up. You dated the wrong type of men and even though you knew it you continue to date them. You have no one to blame but yourself sometimes. If you know a guy is the violent type and he has that kind of history then you will get yourself period. You should watch out for those type and do not date them. You can tell whether a person is violent or not by testing them and by reviewing their past relationships and ask their family when they're not there to see how they're like. The family will know best.

Leave when you see the signs

If you see the signs, then you should find some excuse to leave and if you stay then you're not smart enough. You will get yourself killed. I know a lot of women who got themselves killed by staying in such relationship. You might be addicted to love but do yourself a favor and see someone new and not all men are abusive. I've dated wonderful men before and then some jerky ones. The signs can come on as verbal abuse and then it escalates to something else like controlling you. Yes, they don't show these right away but it will come up later on in the relationship.

Do not provoke the person

When you're in a relationship, there are a lot of sensitive feelings involve so don't use it to piss them off. I know a lot of women play games and they do and they often end up getting hurt this way. You should not play games and get yourself beaten up. Men are violent and have temper problems so don't test them. A lot of time women get beat up because they cheat on the guys or they disrespect them somehow or threaten them somehow. I know a lot of women who fight to the point where they would engage in physical violence. My mom is an example, she will fight until the night is over and this type of behavior is easy to provoke a violent man like my dad. I guess she haven't been beaten up cause there are kids around and he doesn't want to do it but I see that as a potential thing if we were not around so don't be like my mom and don't provoke them.

Prevent violence

Avoid the red flags

You should avoid the red flags whenever possible. The red flags are when you do things that make them want to beat you up or would lead to arguments. If there are things that pissed him off like bringing your friends over and then drink while he hid in his room is not a thing to do. I knew someone who had this tendency. They would party off with their male friends while their husband hid away. OK, not the thing to do, cause he had beaten her up afterward for doing that to him. Yes, they will beat you up. So avoid provoking them.

Don't show and don't tell

You should not tell him or show him anything that you think might piss him off. If you got to do it, then do it behind his back and then hide it but don't tell and don't show to him. If you're going to leave him, then do it but don't warn him in advance cause you will get killed before you get out of there.


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