The top 5 things that say you will have a bad retirement

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Are you ready for retirement and will it be a nice one or will you will lonely and abused in a nursing home and left to die with no one to care about you and no money to live comfortably.

Are you ready for retirement

Do you have enough saving

Do you have enough retirement saving for your old age? You will need lots of it cause you might not be able to work. How will you live without sufficient money? You will live a poor retirement. You should put some in your IRA or your 401K now to save for old age. An investment in old age is always wise.

Do you own a home

Do you own a home? If you don't own one, how will you retire then. Where will you live, cause you probably will not be able to catch up with inflation and catch up with rent on your own at the retirement age so you will be left in a nursing home to be abused. This is why you must invest in a home so you can retire well.

Who will take care of you

Who will take care of you when you retired? You will be old and almost disabled so you will need someone to help you with your daily activities and healthcare and you don't want to stay in a nursing home cause they will abuse you like an animal and I work in a lot of nursing homes so I know exactly what I'm talking about. It's worse than living at a homeless shelter so make your plan now or else you will regret it. Living in a rat hole is not everyone's dream way of retirement. If you save a lot of money, you will be able to stay at home and hire one of your kids to take care of you or at least hire an aid to come into your house to take care of you so you won't be abused.

Ready for retirement

Do you have a will

You have to have a will just in case something happens your family will have your fortune but also know how to help you make medical decisions. This is very important since they can't do much without a will from you. The probate court will get your properties and wealth if you do not have a will that specify who will benefit from it. I'm sure you will have someone to benefit from it and if not, you can give it away to some charity of your choice.

Do you have health problems

Do you currently have health problems that will require a lot of care when you get older? If you do, you must plan to have enough money or insurance to cover for your healthcare but also for your funeral expenses or else your kids will be left with the burden of taking care of you when you get older. If you buy life insurance, at least your kids will get some of your retirement when you die. You want to leave your kids something and not a large bill so buy your life insurance now. It's worth it. You will at least take care of your own expenses when you die. A lot of bodies go unclaimed even cause it's so costly to bury someone.


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