The top 5 reasons why women reject you

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This is why women reject you. Women get rejected too so you're not alone but there are reasons why they do that so read here.

Why they say no

You do not meet their needs

Women have lots of needs and if you don't meet those then they might not want to continue to date you. For example, they might want to go out a lot or spend a lot of time with you but you're a busy doctor who puts your job first and you only see them once a month. They will break up with you over this. I have broke up with men just over
their job and that they never have time to see me. They might want to talk and you never pick up the phone or call them or at least text them. They're lonely and you left them lonely so they go and find someone who will not abandon them. I broke up with a guy
because he just hates talking on the phone. He never call me or text me and I always have to do the work so I thought that our relationship was insufficient so I left him.

You don't know how to work a woman

You don't know how to work with a woman on a lot of things. Women and men are so different and this is why a lot of men say that they can figure out what rocket scientists knows but they can't seem to figure out women. Women are so different to men. So spend sometimes and read and ask your female friends or family members about women and how to work them.

You don't have a job

I'm sorry to say but if a man doesn't have a job, a car, a future, then there will be little amount of women who will want to take him on. It's just as simple as that. It does not impress them at all. It's saying that you can't be their baby's father or take them on a cheap date even. It's a sign of failure and no one would want that for themselves. Would you like a woman without a job? You might but she's a woman and she's not a breadwinner.

More reasons why they say no

You offended them somehow

You did something to offend them like flirt with other women too often when you two go out or that you have a lot of women friends. If you have a lot of women friends, they might think that you're a womanizer and not want to work with you.

You don't know how to make a relationship work

It's not a surprise that some men just cant' get a relationship to work. They can get a car to work but not a woman. So learn and read about relationship so you can put it together the next time you're with a woman. I've dated men who do not know how to work a relationship and it's frustrating so I left them.


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