The role of emotion in social life

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Imagine that a human emotions disappeared suddenly, how will the social life? How will relations with others? Interaction with social attitudes?

Or... Why do you imagine that? You can learn to accidents occurred, in fact extracted the parts of the brain responsible for emotions in the experiences of some of the animals, or cases where these parts stopped working after damage due to certain incidents in the brains of human rights, or extracted for surgery.

The role of emotion in social life.

The most prominent of the findings to the results of studies on the parts of the brain that relate to emotional device when the rights of the relationship between the work of these parts desirous rights in building social relations, some individuals who have been removed "Amygdala stroke" have become indifferent to the others, and would prefer that they have some convergence with social capabilities such as dialog with others, and the inability of these individuals to recognize the feeling for some of the social attitudes, such as a sense of the anguish in the face of adversity, and their life has became devoid of any indications of the difference between the various social attitudes.

It also believed that the absence of the human unconscious feelings makes it a sense of his position in the social system, and is aware of the behavior of the role as a result of the existence of a certain position in a social group it belongs, it does not specify the roles required of the parent, or the President, or a subordinate, or guest, or witnessing other disaster in the street...

It is lose rights and social aspects of the absence of the passion of its ability to cooperate with others in its environment, as well as the desire to compete and excel. These aspects lose even animals living in, living in societies when TROLL organizations, including emotions in the brainwashed by being and objects.

This research has important lights on the mechanisms of emotions and their impact on the lives of social human rights, highlighted that the superiority in the social sphere is linked to more than imagine the emotional sphere, and the ability to deal with the emotions smartphone followed by its success in building social relations together, high social adjustment, this is part of the theory of emotional intelligence additions to our knowledge about the social life of man.

We have resumed this theoretical orientations and research important message, is that the member states and the organs provided us by God will function in assisting the rights to adapt to the positive growth and development in the pursuit of this earth if saved and better deal with it, especially that it can develop devices and strengthen training and actualization. Although the scientists and scientific institutions and many service has responded to this message, and built the applications and exercises to develop individuals and communities are derived from these discoveries, but it seems that the threat of the human side when rights still exists under the reality of rapid change, the hectic situation of human rights in this era, and thus is still an urgent need to establish more of these applications within the field of emotional development of individuals, until we reach the social security safe and secure communities.


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