The power of words- Part One

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Learn the healing power of words spoken from the heart, how you can improve your relationships by applying several simple rules.There are words and phrases that if they are said from the bottom of your heart, can make your relationships bloom,by offering those around you encouragement and comfort in times of trouble and need. Here it is how you can support your family and friends.

I'll be there for you

If you ever had to call a friend at midnight in order to take a sick child to hospital or when you had to have your car repaired, being on the road, far away from home, then you know how well it is to hear these words "I'll be there for you." By offering support to another person you make the greatest gift ever.When we are truly present in other people's life, important things happen to us and to them as well.Our love and friendship are renewed. We are emotionally and spiritually restored. Being there for someone is the essence of kindness.

I miss you

Many marriages could be saved if the two of them simply told each other from the bottom of their hearts "I miss you". This powerful statement tells your partner that he is loved and desired, that you need him in your life.Think of how happy you were if you received a phone call from your spouse in the middle of an exhausting work day just to tell you that he misses you.

I respect you/ I trust you

Respect and trust are one of the main ingredients in a relationship.They truly show you that the other person is really your equal.If you talk to your children like you would talk to an adult, your relationship will strengthen and you'll become good friends. This applies to all interpersonal relationships.

Maybe you are right

This phrase is extremely effective when solving a conflict and undoing wounded feelings.You could go further by humbly stating "I made a mistake".Let's admit how things stand. When you're having a heated conversation with someone, you do nothing but knocking down the other person's point of view.Neither of you is willing to give up on war and thus, you are in danger of seriously jeopardizing your relationship. By saying "Maybe you are right" , you open the door to reconciliation and looking for a solution in two and you have the possibility of making your perspective known in a much more rational manner.


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author avatar Retired
7th Dec 2011 (#)

Very well said!

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author avatar Songbird B
30th Dec 2011 (#)

Great advice and so much truth in the power of support and treating with respect..

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author avatar Md Rezaul Karim
6th Feb 2012 (#)

Yea.... words can mend and break too...

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