The positive thing of the kids playing on line games

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I find something positive when my son addicted to playing on line games

The positive thing of the kids playing on line games

Since I had educated my daughter more independent and responsible in learning based on my experience moving in various places, I had applied it to her brother when he was at elementary school. In my experience, my daughter tend to be more diligent and focused when given the freedom to learn, the boy more playing if given it. He was less focus on learning and tends to play games on the computer. Such as researcher said: Women tend to learn to understand the lessons, while boy’s emphasis on performance, which indicates a focus on the final value,
At the time of grade 4th, my son had seemed more play than studying the school’s lessons. This was worrying parents. He came home from school going on the front of the computer for hours to play games. So that he was less socialization even he just need to get out of his room looking for food. I asked him why not prepare his lessons. He always answered no problem. Finally, I asked myself giving freedom to learn my son whiter effective or not.
I did not know what I should do, but I knew many Internet cafes as type of entrepreneur renting internet services to the public. The cafes have offering playing games more attractive. And I heard from my friend’s cause of no internet facilities at home; their kids play games in the cafes for hours after school. I was very worried if my son was affected to play games in the cafes. Some suggested that tips for the kids to quit his addiction of online games is filled other activities in order to cut with the online game,
I actually think the opposite. I just think a simple one why I should forbid my son playing games not develops his ability to play in positive way. I had increased the capacity of my son’s computer for playing games at home. I also requested technician to down load interesting games. However, I try to switch kind of games that tend to be hard even sadistic simulator game such as aircraft simulator in English that more challenging. He was glad to play the plane to take off and landing perfectly even him also memorized the instrument in cockpit’s plane like a pilot. He loved to play at home and always ask for a new game. This is my opportunity to express opinions on it, why you did not try making your own.
After a moment he passed from elementary school, he wanted gifts a plug for headphones, mike, and photo camera in his room. At one when I entered his room, he was playing a plane with his friends from United State, Australia, UK through the game on line. They communicated in English language with smoothly.
He could create animations including sound editing and website as well. Nowadays, He has a community you tuber with some friends from various countries. Really, I do not understand honestly that my son's knowledge in computer technology, animation exceeding me. He is never educated formally, he just autodidactic learn cause of his hobby; however, I know the result, he is very proud to get money from advisement in his creation such as main craft games etc. Recently, I prefer to believe that the freedom of independent learning and directed to improve his hobby positively will bring the child more confidence.


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