The passion of book collecting

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For people who love books, collecting books often becomes a passion.

The passion of book collecting

My book collection is relatively small. Just under five hundred copies, divided in four book cases.

This collection is filed alphabetically, first by the author's last name, and then by the book title.

My son shakes his head in wonder when he sees me at work. Why not just put a book anywhere in the book case he wonders. The answer is simple. Should the day come that I want to locate a specific book, how will I ever find it among close to five hundred copies? With my system, I can locate any title in under ten seconds.

Every week the top of the books get dusted and once a month they get pulled out of the book case so the shelf can be washed.

Having finished a new book, it gets slotted in the appropriate place. In the beginning, with plenty of room to spare, this was no problem, but now, with four book cases almost bursting at the seams, slotting in a book takes a bit of rearranging.

This collection started by accident.

For years I borrowed books from the library, but then one day I found myself in a book store, bought one of Maeve Binchy's books and liked it so much could not part with it.

I fell in love with Maeve Binchy's writing style, bought all of her works, and could not part with those either.

Having read all of Maeve's books, I went looking for other authors and discovered a wealth of titles that interested me.

Now when I go shopping for a book, I first check if my favourites have anything new. I call them my usual suspects.

I start at B for Bagshawe, Louise and finish at Vincinzi, Penny.

If they don't have any new works on the shelves, I take a chance on someone else. Sometimes such chance taking works out, sometimes it does not.

Novels, murder mysteries, fantasy and science fiction stand side by side in my mini library.

I only lend out books to people who I know will take good care of them.

The one time I lend a book to a colleague, it came back with stains on the cover and creased pages. It broke my heart to see the book in such a state.

Personally I use a marker to indicate the page I am at.

Neither do I like it if books are shoved into bags, handled with sticky fingers, or used as coasters.

Books are works of art and should be treated with care.


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author avatar Alexandra Heep
27th Jul 2010 (#)

I had to give up my books because of moving - but I never lost my love for them. Good article.

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author avatar j.m. raymond
27th Jul 2010 (#)

"Novels, murder mysteries, fantasy and science fiction stand side by side"

I do the same thing, and I agree. Easier to find what you're looking for. The only ones I keep separate are my programming books, filed by subject rather than author. Nice piece.

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