The origin of Neo-Pentecostalism

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A move that started in ernest to revive the ailing standards of christian spiritual lives has been turned to a safe heaven for all kinds of occult practices. I choose to call them 'The Neo-Pentecostals'.

The origin of the Neo-Pentecostals

I chose to call this end time Pentecostal movements, neo-Pentecostals because it baffles me why any Christian group should in the first place think itself to be the only practicing Pentecostal. The inauguration of the Pentecostal movements as the only true possessors of the Pentecostal promise is totally wrong. I was brainwashed to believe that all the Conservative and Fundamentalist churches were canal and unspiritual because of their doctrinal emphasis as compared to the claimed spiritual experiences observed among the neo-Pentecostal movements.

This movement started on April 4, 1906; when members of the congregation of the Azusa Street Mission in Los Angeles, California, experienced baptism in the Spirit. They believe in the literal word of the Bible, faith healing and faith prosperity.This movement captured the poor and those alienated by the formalism and modernist theology of established denominations. (This was not the general attitude of all established churches but it is clear that most churches then had started backsliding but not the true Conservative and Fundamentalists.) It encouraged a highly emotional, informal type of worship with an ethical emphasis on sobriety and hard work. This move created a solace for the poor and marginal groups to improve their economic and social status while retaining their religious faith. These and more were the foundations on which neo-Pentecostalism was supposed to be operated on.

This move originally was inspired by God but do to wrong and selfish interpretations of the Bible and the laxity of their operations, it created a safe heaven for manipulators who hid under the freedom of the baptism of the Holy spirit to commit their holy evil. Today, every one is claiming to hear from God but the effect of God’s word is not felt in our society as it did during the early era of the Azusa movement. Something must be put right – that’s to worship God in truth and spirit.


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author avatar Sam Bralley
12th Jul 2010 (#)

Amen, and Amen...

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12th Jul 2010 (#)

Thanks Sam for the encouragement.

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