The need to enjoy life after retirement

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Retirement does not signal the end of an active and useful life, rather it is the beginning of a new and enjoyable chapter

The perception of retirement

Retirement is a word that has two distinct and divergent meanings depending upon the perception of the person who has just reached this significant milestone in their life. Some will consider it to signal the end of the useful and enjoyable part of their lives. Often people with this view of retirement will view retirement as simply a period during which they will be 'waiting for God.' Those in this position are likely to become increasingly more depressed and morose as the retirement years role on.

One of the major changes that happen as we reach retirement age is that the structure of our social life is likely to change. The work environment, where we would met with people every day is now gone. To many it seems that it is replaced by what can seem like long days where we will meet hardly a soul, except perhaps for the next door neighbour or the local shopkeeper, both of who are often too busy to spend the time interacting with us in the way that our former work colleagues would. Often those former work colleagues will have moved on. We are no longer party to the work gossip or the changes being made in the workplace and therefore the friendship we once had with them tends to drift.

The same distance can also occur with close family members, especially our children, when we retire. The fun and laughter of children is often conspicuous by its absence in the home of the elderly person. We want them to visit often but deep down we will be aware that this is not possible. They have their own busy work, school and social lives to live and fitting in visits to the elderly relative may become increasingly difficult, no matter how well-meaning they are.

Making the right choice for enjoyment

So what do we do? Do we shut ourselves away with only the TV, radio or newspaper for company, becoming increasingly depressed as we wait for the knock on the door and find God is there inviting us to take a new journey? The answer is no! We owe it to ourselves, as well as to God for that matter, to enjoy all of the experiences that we can in life, irrespective of age. In fact the retirement years make that more possible, because we have time on our hands and are not answerable to anyone.

This author would argue that retirement is the key to the opening of a new door not simply the closing of an old one with regret. Life after retirement can and should be enjoyable. All one needs to do is to be positive and take the necessary steps to ensure they experience the enjoyment and that the twilight years can offer to the full, and there are many opportunity for these experiences at this stage of our life cycle.

The opportunities

Making new friends after retirement is not difficult. There are plenty of local social clubs, some simply run by retired people and others operated by organisations such as local churches. By joining these elderly and retired people are able to spend some of their excess time in the company of people who have the same interests. For example, these clubs could be arranging travel or other forms of outings, such as local walks or talks, which allows retirement to be filled with new experiences and adventures. Similarly, there are sports and exercise clubs that welcome retired people into their membership. For instance, crown green bowling is a sport that appeals to many retired people in the UK and, in addition to the competitive nature of the sport itself; it also allows them to create a social life with new friends.

For those who prefer more sedate activities, retirement also provides the opportunity of pursuing a hobby or interest that maybe had to be put on hold while they were working or bringing up the family. These might include art, model making, writing or even performing. Furthermore, this experience can be made even more rewarding by sharing it with others at the local hobby club.

Retirement - not the end but a new chapter

Life can certainly be enjoyable after retirement and, if the retired person becomes immersed in the activities, and experiences they have decided to pursue, so it will be them, rather than their former friends and family, who will have to be consulting their diary to see if they can fit in a visit. Who knows, by adopting this approach maybe even God will need to wait a few days longer, which I am sure he will not mind.


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author avatar Denise O
28th Oct 2010 (#)

Well written article, my friend.
My Dad went through a tough time after he retired.
I'm happy to say, he is talking about going back to work part-time. I hope he does.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar Val Mills
15th Feb 2011 (#)

I so whole heartedly agree with you. I am semi-retired and life has never been so busy nor so enjoyable.

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author avatar Paul Lines
15th Feb 2011 (#)

Thanks Val I am glad you are enjoying it

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author avatar Roshan khattak
2nd Sep 2011 (#)

Thanks for such a meaningful article.however can you suggest me that how can i relieve from economical tight situation.

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