The growing child

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In a general discussion about the care of infant and child, only the broadest outlines of what you should do can be given.

The growing child

In a general discussion about the care of infant and child, only the broadest outlines of what you should do can be given. In some thinks you need skilled advice, or the reassurance that what you are doing is right. Regular visit to your pediatrician maintain a relationship with an expert who can help if your baby is ill. He or she also advises on many things that cause concern,  as well as discussing your child's normal development.
Your baby relies on you not only for food and physical safety, such as worm clothing , a comfortable crib and a dry diaper, but also for the help in learning about his or her surroundings and the family and friends who live in them. Your baby feels your emotions when you feel them but may not understand them. If you are unhappy or upset , your baby cries and frets.  When you are cheerful and happy your gurgles and baby laughs. Your uncertainty when handling your baby produces tensions and tears as he or she feels momentarily insecure; this is why, by picking up your baby, a nurse can sometimes stop the crying. The nurse's confidence gives reassurance to your baby.
As your baby grows and develops, his or her understanding increases and your baby becomes frustrated by finding that he or she cannot do things like finding toys, crawling and standing. This not only leads to tears at the failure to achieve what he or she wants, but also moments of rage and anger. It is important that you are aware of this and do not rush to help your child. Let your baby try again as the achievement is worth the bottle.


Play is an unsuitable word in many ways. To an adult, play implies relaxation, whereas to your child there is no difference between playing and wroking. Your child at play isnot filling up his or her time until the next important "adult" activity, but making the best possible use of time.
If your child plays hard,it implies that he or she has de ability to work hard in the future. Playing is initially a way of learning basic physical skills. The mother or father who plays peekaboo teaches the baby to look around. Later your baby increases hand skills by offering and taking back toys,or pushing trains or trucks across the floor. As coordination increases your child enjoys the new abilities by building towers with bricks or "drowing" all over sheets of paper.


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