The fate of the Montreal Cardiologist who killed his children

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A Montreal cardiologist killed his two young children in 2009 to spite his wife. He never went to jail but spend time in Pinel Institute the mental hospital for the criminally insane. He was released and the public was outraged. He now has had his second trial and is found guilty.

Cardiologist accused of killing his two young children

I originally wrote this article in 2012 when a monster, a cardiologist by the name of Guy Turcotte murdered his two young children to enact revenge upon his wife.

What was written back then.

There is no word yet about the pending release of Guy Turcotte, the Montreal cardiologist who stabbed his two children to death. Montrealers were enraged when they heard he could be released. Imagine the family who has to live with the thought of this killer getting out?

More concern for Turcotte than his ex wife

The poor mother of the children wanted the hatred to stop. She could understand the outrage Montrealers felt when they heard the killer might be released after a psychiatric evaluation, but she wants peace she doesn’t want the public to resort to vigilantism.

Turcotte had been charged with first-degree murder after police found his son Olivier, 5, and daughter Anne-Sophie, 3, dead in their beds.

They had been stabbed 46 times.

The defense argued the doctor was not in his right mind when these gruesome murders occurred. His marriage ended just a few weeks before. Turcotte claims he doesn’t remember what he had done until weeks later, but he did admit to killing his children. He said was distraught over the breakup and the fact that the wife had a new boyfriend. He planned to take his own life that night (Feb 20, 2009). He drank some windshield wiper fluid. Then decided he couldn’t have to the children wake up to find him dead so he decided he would take their life as well.

Montreal celebrities and citizens took to Twitter voicing their disgust that this man could possibly get off as being not criminally responsible.

The mother was in tears as she left the courtroom yet, still respects the justice system.

Montrealers are still waiting to find out if Guy Turcotte will be released from Montreal’s Pinel Institution or if he will remain there another year. Pinel is the hospital for the criminally insane; who for psychiatric reasons do not go into the regular penitentiaries. The psychiatrists at Pinel say that anger and rage could have been the motivator for the killings and Turcotte is over that now.

They could not find any real mental disorder, except to say he is doing well now and has recovered from adjustment disorder.

Many Montrealers have staged demonstrations outside of Pinel against the release of Turcotte.

His ex-wife fears for her life should he be released. The family can’t understand why psychiatrists are more concerned about his safety in the public than worrying about the safety of his ex-wife.

Finally the courts got it right

Guy Turcotte has gone to trial the second time and finally the courts got it right. The convicted him for the double homicide of his two children. They rejected the first verdict of not criminally responsible. Justice has been served. You can't get away with killing your children to hurt your wife.

The ex wife feared for her life after Turcottes rampage. Here is what she had to say at the court house.

“Tomorrow, I will not wake up with children,’’ Gaston said yesterday, after the jury in Saint-Jerome, Que., north of Montreal, condemned her former husband to at least 10 years in penitentiary and up to 25, the length of that “life sentence’’ to be settled Dec. 18 by Superior Court Justice Andre Vincent. Today, I hope the souls of Oliver and Anne-Sophie can be at peace.’’ Adding: “For me, this is the day I can begin to rest. Since their deaths, I’ve had the impression my life has been a struggle. Now, it’s all about healing.’’

You can read the rest of this article here. I am too disgusted to post more about that man, that monster.


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31st Jan 2016 (#)

I thought that I had heard everything. This is shocking and devastating.

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