The existing methods will create insecurity in the life of students

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Each age is an age of change, and most people are willing to change with the times, giving up old and taking what is new. There are, however, a few who cannot or who will not change.

The farm laborer would be very surprised if the river were not there one day.

At some moment in their lives, the willingness to consider new ideas and new methods is lost, and from that time they look back, always back, expressing a longing for the `good old days' and for the happiness which for them is part of the past and which does not exist in the present. It is, perhaps, in the country that the desire to keep to the old order of things exists mostly strongly. Towns people are used to change; nothing is the same for very long. In the country, there is a more lasting quality about things. The little river that runs across the field has run that way for years beyond number, and is likely to continue to do so. The farm laborer would be very surprised if the river were not there one day. But a town street is always changing, and people will hardly turn their heads to look when workmen are pulling down some historic building.

Student social life in India is dull

The other activities are never taken to be integral aspects of found education. They are suffered as forms externally imposed. It is rarely that a teacher contacts the pupils or vice versa with informal ease and mutual pleasure. The tutorials that are arranged do not answer their purpose and provide little real participation between teacher and taught in the inspiring adventurer of learning. The environment such as exists today usually provides an unsuitable, barren soil for cultivation of strong human ties and the right social and wise relationships, to that effect, pupils fail to cultivate the social regard.

It has to be admitted that the existing methods will create insecurity in the life of students.

There is one aspect to which I may in passing draw special attention by way of noting main point, mainly that the examination comes once at the end of two or three years and the pupil's worth and his victory in the subject are estimated by what he does in a few hours. His daily work, his attempts at learning for himself, acquiring knowledge in various fields, and expressing himself through the knowledge he has acquired are all very important factors in the process of education.

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Academic results and meeting the right teachers depend on luck too. But the students have to be resilient too with none owes us a living attitude - siva

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