The early signs of pregnancy

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Accurately judge and tell whether you are pregnant or not- The early signs of pregnancy

Early signs of pregnancy

Pregnancy is a wonderful thing. However, most women find it hard to know whether they are pregnant without visiting their doctor. However, there are signs that you can check out before undergoing a pregnancy test. Every female body undergoes a unique experience when pregnant. Provided are the main symptoms of early signs of pregnancy that you should be aware of.

Missed periods. This is the most important early sign of pregnancy. However, it cannot be reliable because most women experience infrequent or irregular periods. Therefore, this makes it an undependable indicator of gestation.

Painful and tender breasts. The breasts may become tender, swollen and bigger. The nipples will also get darker and bigger. These changes are mainly triggered by the hormonal changes and can appear as early as two weeks after conception.

Nausea and Vomiting is another early symptom and is commonly referred to as morning sickness. This sign can be seen a few days after conception. In spite of being termed as morning sickness, a woman can actually feel sick or nauseous any time of day or night.

Excessive fatigue. Even though most people feel exhausted from time to time, a common symptom of conception is feeling abnormally tired or even completely exhausted. This is particularly common in the initial 12 weeks. The exhaustion is normally caused by the additional hormones in the female body brought about by your pregnancy.

Frequent urination is another classic sign of conception. You will feel an urge to pee more often than you are accustomed to. This can occur throughout the night or day. In the initial days of pregnancy, the uterus tends to enlarge in order to accommodate the fetus, hence, it pushes the bladder and this triggers the desire to urinate frequently.

The Basal Body Temperature will be elevated. Increased body temperature is one of the early signs of pregnancy. This symptom can be be noticed approximately two days after your ovulation. This is a much earlier sign than a missed period. However, for accurate results you must measure the temperature with a special thermometer.


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